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Latest 2024 NFL Power Rankings

It's certainly not too early to get into our expert 2024 NFL Power Rankings. Sure, it's not quite football season yet, but the clock is ticking. The NFL's pre-season kicks off in August, so we really just have about two months to go until we can start getting into the football action. Latest 2024 NFL Power Rankings Before we get into the early 2024 NFL Power Rankings, it's worth noting that it's been a very active offseason in the NFL. Believe it or not, the NFL replaced a quarter of its head coaches in 2024. I never would have imagined so many coaches getting the boot, but that's football for you. The same goes for NFL and college football: If coaches can't deliver the wins a few years into their time with the team, they're usually out. Some of the coaches that got the boot were very successful, too, such as Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots. But, sports can be fickle, so with the Patriots' dismal 2023 season, it wasn't a big surprise that Belichick and the team parted ways at the end of the season. I'm actually more surprised that he hasn't picked up a new gig yet. One that surprised me even more than Belichick was when the Seattle Seahawks let Pete Carroll go after so many successful seasons. But, with the NFL, there's a lot of money at stake. A winning franchise can bring in big bucks for both the owner and the city. So, the musical chair of coaches is expected. Now, onto my expert 2024 NFL Power Rankings. For these rankings, I took into account how these teams performed last year, as well as new additions they've made to their rosters during the offseason. Some teams should be notably stronger than they were last season, such as the Chicago Bears, who had the No. 1 draft pick this year in Caleb Williams and are banking on him to bring the goods as their new franchise quarterback. But, that said, I don't have the Bears in my top 10. The following 2024 NFL Power Rankings show my picks for the top 10 teams going into the 2024 season. Also, I'm a sports podcaster and host a podcast called "The Squad with Anne Erickson." Listen to my full interview with Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff here. If you're a sports nut, I would love to hear from you and get your picks for the strongest teams going into the 2024 season. Reach out to me here. I seriously can't wait for the new NFL season to start in September.

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