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Popular Maine Beach No. 21 on TripAdvisor Best Beaches List

"Popular Maine Beach." What beach pops up in your head when you read that phrase? Let's see if it made the new TripAdvisor Best Beaches list.   Actually *clears throat* the proper name for the list is TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Awards Best of the Best Beaches. That's quite the mouthful. The popular travel website populates their lists with beaches "who receive a high volume of above-and-beyond reviews and opinions from the Tripadvisor community over a 12-month period."   And I pluralized list to "lists" there for a reason. The beaches are categorized by region, so there's a bunch of lists to pick through. United States, Europe, Caribbean, Mexico...it goes on and on. But we're keeping the focus local, not global. New England, specifically. The Pine Tree State, even more specifically.   Popular Maine Beach No. 21 on TripAdvisor Best Beaches List Ogunquit Beach came thiiiiis close to cracking the Top 20 on TripAdvisor's Best Beaches list (United States Division). At 21, they were beat out by two Hawaiian beaches at 20 and 19, but they beat out a Florida beach at 22. So there's that. You can see how the rest of the United States list shook out here.   As far as what TripAdivsor had to say about the popular Maine beach, they called it spacious and family-friendly. They also touted Ogunquit's accessibility, ample parking, and proximity to shopping and dining. While I don't disagree with any of this, it would have been nice to see another Maine beach make the list instead. [caption id="attachment_330059" align="alignnone" width="1186"] This one's even better than Ogunquit, maybe[/caption]   Wells Beach.   Wells Beach has been a family favorite of mine for generations. Everything that TripAdvisor said about Ogunquit can be said about Wells. But Wells Beach is even more spacious and family-friendly. And it's quieter. Check out my Wells Beach guide here, or just keep scrolling for some Wells Beach tips from a guy who knows.

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