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USA Today Names this Massachusetts Attraction the Second Biggest Tourist Trap… IN THE WORLD?!

Ouch. This one's gonna hurt for some of you. While other Mass residents will throw a cheers up in agreement. USA Today just came out with a list of the Biggest Tourist Traps in the World and #2 on the list belongs to Massachusetts. That's not just the 2nd biggest tourist trap in the U.S. --- in the world. Other tourist traps that made the list include Blue Lagoon in Grindavik, Iceland which came in 6th, Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota which came in 4th, and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory in Vermont (hey, I love it there!) which came in a little further down the list at #22. Elvis Presley's Graceland in Tennessee made the Overpriced Tourist Trap category, as did the Space Needle in Seattle. And as for Massachusetts? Our biggest tourist trap according to the report, and the 2nd biggest tourist trap in the entire world, is the Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts. The only bigger tourist trap on Earth is Four Corners Monument in Arizona. Do you agree? Or do you consider those to be fighting words? No doubt Salem gets packed. Really packed. But it's our packed! (If that actually means anything.) So we have the #2 Biggest Tourist Trap in the world... well, we also have some of the best FOLIAGE in the world, according to a new report. The worldly jet-setting staff at The Travel are out with the Top 10 Best Places for Best Fall Foliage in the entire world and Massachusetts made the Top 10! It would be one thing if we made the Top 10 in America – duh, of course! – but the entire globe?? Woah. That’s some high praise. And not only that, New England got three states in the Top 10 *high five*! And those 3 states are the only 3 states that made the World’s Top 10. Let's get to the data... [select-listicle listicle_id="1116254" syndication_name="best-foliage-in-the-world-massachusetts-makes-the-top-10" description="no"]

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