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Aaron is our GetUp Crew producer, and resident gamer. He kindly agreed to make a list of the Top 13 Video Games Of All Time. Thanks Aaron!

Aaron’s Video Game Rankings

If you’re a huge gamer like I am, then this list might be for you. If not, maybe you have one in your life that missed a game or two that you could suggest.

We all know over the years, technology has advanced so rapidly that it has made video games become more realistic. From VR headsets that can take you any place you’d like, to super powered custom-built PCs with graphics so real you swear it’s humans acting.

With that being said, let’s look back at some of the greatest video games (In my opinion) of all time that brought us to where we are today! The 13 games named on this list is based on games I’ve played over my many many years of gaming. I’ve factored in difficulty, graphics (for their time) & would still be great to play today. Most have been re-released on newer consoles.

Feel free to leave a comment on your favorite games of all time!

  • #13 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game – NES

    One of the first beat ‘em up games I fell in love with, plus who doesn’t like the Turtles! Added bonus if you wanted to play it and don’t have an old Nintendo system it’s currently available in the Cowabunga Collection recently released!


  • #12 - Banjo Kazooie – N64

    A bear and his bird take on the challenge of recusing Banjo the Bear’s sister from an evil witch named Guntilda! It’s currently available on the Nintendo Online store on the Switch!

  • #11 - Super Smash Bros. – N64

    Nintendo’s answer to Street Fight (Great game!) and many other fighter games. It’s debut on the N64 made its impact instantly, and now the series has many more fighters than ever (STILL NO WALUIGI)

  • #10 - Metal Gear Solid – Ps One

    The Sounds from this game are still used today in memes, but it was also groundbreaking when it was first released in 1998.

  • #9 - Fallout 4 – PS4

    Post-apocalyptic Boston? Sign me up! This game worked with MIT to map out most of the City of Boston, also the gameplay and controls were top notch. It did come with a bit of bugs but what Bethesda game hasn’t!

  • #8 - GTA V – PS3/PS4/PS5

    Ok yes it came out for 3 different generations of Consoles, it’s also Rockstars highest grossing game of all time.

  • #7 - Mega Man 3 – NES

    Out of all the Mega Man’s ever this one boasts the best OST and Bosses! Want a challenge this is the game for you

  • #6 - Super Mario World – SNES

    The first time Mario gets to meet up with his best companion Yoshi! It also became a huge hit when the Super Nintendo debuted

  • #5 - The Legend of Zelda – NES

    The OG of video games! If you haven’t played this game you’ve been living under a rock! Adventure, collecting, and saving a princess what more can you ask for!

  • #4 - Golden Eye 007 – N64

    It’s Friday night, your friends just came over and brought their controllers, pizza is being delivered and we’re all ready to battle in the best Couch Co-Op game ever made!

  • #3 - Mass Effect 2 – Xbox 360

    I’ll admit I wanted to place this higher only because it’s the only game that made me shed a tear, but the space travel and graphics were breath taking for its time! Bioware my hats off to you!

  • #2 - Super Mario 3 – NES

    To this day it’s the best Mario game of all time. From the raccoon to the P wing this game pulled out all the stops! If you have a Nintendo Switch you can play Via Switch Online.

  • #1 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – N64

    The greatest video game ever made of all time. I could go on and on about this game, from horse riding to puzzle solving, free roam fighting and of course going from Young Link to Adult Link. This game still holds up to this day!

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