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6 Hilariously Fun Family Games To Play At Your Holiday Parties

There's nothing like family during the holidays. Even if you don't have a big family, spending time with "friends who are family" is just as fun. And nothing takes a party to the next level like holiday games. I recently attended one of my family parties and let's just say things got a little "spicy." I'm going to turn you on to some really great games to play at your holiday parties. What makes a great family holiday game? In my humble opinion, I think the best family holiday games are the ones where: everyone is laughing, there's a little (or alot) of competitive members of the family, and in the case of my family, three people end up hilariously rolling around on the floor. The best games also involve everyone. From the youngest to the oldest. This would mean that they should be simple. No games with complicated rules that people spend half the time debating. Or maybe that's just my family. Games should also be highly interactive. The best ones are active with a little strategy involved. Great holiday game ideas Don't say Christmas My family played this game and let me tell you, I felt bamboozled by one of our teenagers. As people arrive, everyone gets a "necklace" with a bell on it. The object of the game is to collect as many other bells from people. If you say the word Christmas and someone catches you, you get all the bells they have around their neck. At the end of the night, the person who has the most bell wins a prize. I got my bell taken from my cousin's teenage son who sat down and was having a great conversation. Little did I know that it was strategic, and he was just trying to get my bell. The deception! Unwrapping Relay Race Another game my family played. This one ended with family members rolling around on the floor. The way it's played is that you place a wrapped gift in the middle of the room on a table. This gift is WRAPPED. Lots of layers of paper and plastic wrap make it difficult to get to the actual gift in the middle. On top of the gift, you put a hat, pair of gloves, and a jacket or sweater. Everyone stands around it in a circle and a plate with a pair of dice. You take turns rolling and if you get a pair you put everything on and start unwrapping the gift. While you're unwrapping, the dice keeps going around the circle and as people get a pair, they take over the unwrapping. The person who gets to the gift in the middle gets to keep it. Utter chaos! And so much fun! Marshmallow Scoop Game  Here's a video to show you how it's played.   Jingle Bell Shake This one speaks for itself! Lol Reindeer Antler Game Love this one! All you need is some balloons, pantyhose of tights, and lots of air! There you go! Sure to have lots of fun with family and friends. Happy Holidays!