$20 Train Rides from Boston to New York City, But There’s a Catch

Everyone has their own strategy when it comes to getting from Boston to NYC. Some fly. You'll get there a bit faster. Some take the bus, which can be ideal if you're on a budget. Or there's the train, which in terms of expense and convenience, usually lands somewhere in between the bus and plane ride. The train is usually my favorite option. Going from Boston to Manhattan will take about 4 hours. You get some room to move around, bigger seats, WiFi, luggage is free, power outlets to charge your devices, and you get right to the heart of the city. There's no having to find transportation from the airport. But perhaps the best of all, with the train you never get stuck in a middle seat! The one big problem with the train is - it's usually pretty expensive. Boston to Penn Station in Manhattan trains usually run about $50, but they can go much higher depending on what time of day you travel. But now Amtrak has announced a Boston to New York City train for $20. So how do you get the deal? Again, it's all about WHEN you ride. To get that great $20 rate from Boston to New York City by train, you're going to have to be a night owl. In fact, Amtrak is calling it their Night Own Expansion. The lower ticket costs are for those who ride between 7pm and 7am. New York City isn't your only option from Boston. Night own fares to New Haven are $15. Providence... just $5! [Source: Amtrak] [select-listicle listicle_id="573021" syndication_name="nyc-smallest-apartment-tour" description="no"]

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