Boston Commute is 3rd Worst In the Country

That headline was not a surprise I'm sure. But are you curious which two cities have it worse when it comes to the worst daily drive to work. The Boston commute has been a nightmare for decades but 2 cities even have us beat. ran the numbers by gathering data from the American Community Survey. They measured real commute times to see how long it takes to get to work. For Boston, they found the average drive to be about 40 minutes. Seems low to me. What do you think? A very fortunate 36% in Boston are said to have a commute under 30 minutes. 87% say their drive is within 1 hour. The number that surprised me the most is they say only 13% have a daily commute that takes them over an hour. So that's Boston. Who has it worse? The Boston commute is bad. But we don't have it the worst. Not surprisingly the worst daily drive is in New York City. Boston Commute is 3rd Worst... who "beat us"? Obviously New York City took the top prize here. With almost a million commuters (they have the number specifically at 868,268), almost 90% are in the car for up to an hour. Coming in at 2nd was Washington, D.C. That won't be a shock either to anyone who's ever had to drive through the nation's capital. The average commute time for DC area residents is 41 minutes. They measured public transit too Geotab also analyzed public transit times too since all three of these cities have so many who have ditched the car to get to work. Boston fared much better in that category. The worst cities for public transit according to their analysis? Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas.

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