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Shark Tank Season 15: New England’s Hottest Products

As Shark Tank Season 15 continues to capture the imagination of entrepreneurs and consumers alike, the most in-demand products have been revealed, with Gatsby Chocolate leading the pack. What products are making waves, particularly in the New England states? Gatsby Chocolate Takes the Cake (or the Bar) Topping the list with a whopping 27,573 average monthly searches in the US, Gatsby Chocolate has clearly hit the sweet spot. Founded by Doug Bouton in 2021, this delectable treat offers chocolate bars that are rich in flavor but low in calories. With each bar containing just 180-210 calories, and an array of vegan and plant-based options, Gatsby Chocolate is perfect for the health-conscious chocoholic. Massachusetts residents are especially eager to indulge, with an average of 12.81 searches per 100,000 people. It seems Bay Staters can’t get enough of this guilt-free delight! Puffcorn Puffs Up the Search Volumes Coming in second is Like Air Puffcorn, a crunchy, flavorful snack that’s low in calories and free from gluten. Averaging 20,356 searches per month in the US, this popcorn alternative boasts flavors like Classic, Pancake, American Cheddar, and Cinnamon Bun. Its light and airy texture, devoid of hard kernels, makes it a hit among snackers. New Hampshire Loves Gently Soap In fourth place, Gently Soap, with 13,219 monthly searches, is the go-to product for those with sensitive skin. These natural, herb-filled soaps are free from synthetic fragrances, making them a soothing choice for conditions like eczema. New Hampshire residents are leading the charge with an average of 6.42 searches per 100,000 people, indicating a strong preference for gentle skincare solutions in the Granite State. New England’s Notable Mentions Another product catching the eye in New England is Glove Wrap, ranking ninth overall with 10,699 monthly searches. This innovative product makes breaking in new sports gloves a breeze, and New Hampshire is particularly keen, with 5.17 searches per 100,000 residents. So, whether you’re a Massachusetts chocoholic or a New Hampshire athlete, there’s something exciting from Shark Tank Season

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