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New England Vineyard Named One Of The Best Fall Wineries

Fall just feels like the right time to be at a vineyard. The Travel named the best wineries to visit on the East Coast this fall, and a New England spot was named. "September and October is peak season for harvesting the grapes in many parts of the country and the vineyards take on a golden hue that enhances the magic," The Travel explains. Furthermore, many of these wineries listed offer tours, tastings, and their own bottles of wine for you to bring home. If you are looking for an adventure or group activity to indulge in the New England autumn air, this winery has everything you need. In fact, they even let you bottle your own wine. Averill House Vineyard Located in Brookline, New Hampshire, Averill House Vineyard is a family-owned business that just opened in 2017. In 2013, the Waite family began remodeling their 1830's barn. The result was one of the most picturesque New England wineries. "The remodeled barn became the home for their tasting/showroom, and doubles as their production center and stone-insulated wine cellar," they explain on their website. Now, the vineyard consists of two sprawling acres. This produces numerous wine variations, including red, white, blush, fruit, and sweet. Now, the vineyard is open Wednesday through Sunday. You can tour Averill House with an advance reservation. On select Sundays, you can have the unique experience of bottling your own wines. For $59 per person, you tour the property, partake in a few tastings, and then get hands-on bottling your own. Each experience comes with one bottle to bring home. This New England vineyard which was named one of the best wineries to visit this fall also allows you to buy via their online store. In addition, their various wines are sold at 12 different outlets across New Hampshire. [select-listicle listicle_id="646978" syndication_name="new-england-4-of-the-best-places-for-a-weekend-getaway" description="yes"]

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