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5 Cool Winter Festivals And Events Happening In Massachusetts

Big sigh...the holidays are over. After a long stint away from work, filled with plenty of highs, there's a sense of relief, but also a sense of the winter doldrums.  Before that rollercoaster ride comes back down to earth, consider making plans for something fun to look forward to. Check out 5 cool winter festivals and events happening in Massachusetts in the shiny, bright New Year. Winter weather doesn't have to revolve around indoor activities. There's a plethora of fun things to do and see to get you outside. Thanks to Only in Massachusetts, I'm able to share a few of these events that are quickly approaching. Take a look at 5 cool winter festivals and events happening in Massachusetts to get you skating, enjoying live music, firepits, ice sculpture and food trucks (to name a few). It's All Happening Here Some of these festivals and events may require a bit of travel, and perhaps an overnight stay to make for a true getaway, but all are located in Massachusetts. You'll notice some details on the event websites aren't available yet, but keep checking back as they will be soon. Schedule one or all of these in your calendar and enjoy all our great state has to offer, even in the dead of winter. Wash away your winter blues with live music, exhibitions, bonfires, food trucks and rides. There are family friendly events to enjoy all over the state, as well as adult fun in the evening. These happenings are all over the Massachusetts map. Winter festivals and events are taking place from the Southeastern part of the state, to the heart of Boston and out in the western part of Mass. Hey, cold weather fun doesn't have to end after the holidays. This year is just beginning, and with it the hope to spend more quality time with your family and friends. You will find plenty to see and do, right here at home.  

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