Wicked Winter Guide

Wicked Winter Guide

Wicked Winter Guide

With some arctic temperatures surely headed this way, it’s important to be prepared. It’s also important to prepare with the right attitude, and find ways to make staying warm cozy and fun. With some help from CNN, here are some great tips to get us through the cold spells.

Take a look at 17 ways to stay warm and cozy this winter:


  • 1. Plug in

    Nothing feels better than jumping into a bed that is already warmed up for you. Heated blankets, heating pads, and hot water bottles (following instructions for proper use, of course) can really take the chill out of your bones. Experts say keeping your torso warm is key to keeping your extremities warm.

    Crufts Dogs Get Their Own Beds Thanks To Travelodge

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  • 2. Move It

    As reported in CNN, JohnEric Smith, an associate professor in the department of kinesiology at Mississippi State University, says physical activity can help warm you up. Dancing and indoor exercise are great, but don’t take it to far. As he warns, “We sweat to lose heat and sweating will make us colder.” Or hey, save  your big cleaning projects for super cold days. Vacuuming, climbing stairs and scrubbing floors can really warm you up. 

    The Twist

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  • 3. Think Warm thoughts

    Our minds need to adapt, just as much as our bodies do. Think of the cold as just something that happens and we deal with it. As long as your as dressed properly and have the right attitude, you can handle it. Experts say to dress in layers. Try gradually lowering the thermostat in anticipation of a cold blast and adding layers. And it can’t hurt to think warm thoughts, maybe crank up some summer jams. 

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  • 4. Cuddle

    It’s true…cuddles and snuggles can really keep you warm. “Each of us produces heat through our metabolic processes. We lose our heat to the environment as we maintain body temperature,” according to Professor Smith. He added “Increasing skin contact decreases opportunities for the heat to be lost to the environment around us. If two people are under a blanket both of their heat losses combined can increase the temperature under the blanket more quickly than either could do independently.” Pet cuddles are just as good as human ones. 

    2018 Crufts Dog Show Day One

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  • 5. Delight in warm beverages and foods, and use the oven and stove to cook them

    Here’s your time to splurge. Foods higher in fat and protein can make you feel warmer, because they metabolize slower in your body. As Smith told CNN, “Consider hearty soups with beans and meat.” Using your oven and stove and slow cookers can help heat your kitchen too. But it’s never a good idea to use them as heat, obviously. 

    chicken soup

  • 6. Dress for success

    You can stay warm and cozy with the right clothing. Layer it on. Long johns always keep you warmer, wear thick socks, fleece sweaters or throw a blanket over your shoulders. Make sure you dress loosely though. Tight fitting clothes don’t give your body room to breathe it’s warmth.

  • 7. Allow air to flow in your home

    Move anything that’s blocking heat vents or radiators. The heat will better circulate throughout your home that way. Pull couches and any other furniture away from your heat vents. 

    The Coronavirus In Germany: Week 3

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  • 8. Adjust your curtains and shades

    If the sun is out, open your curtains and shades and let the sun bring some warmth into your home. If it’s cloudy, close them to keep heat in.

    Marriott's Iconic Danieli Hotel In Venice

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  • Light a fire in your fire place or sit near heating vents

    Find the warm spots and hunker down there for a while.

    Former Monk Builds His Own Cathedral

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  • 10. Close off rooms your aren't using

    Close the doors to rooms your aren’t using. And shut heating vents in those rooms if you can, at least for a little while. By shutting the doors of rooms no one is using, you can create additional barriers between yourself and the cold outdoors. Close the door to the warm, cozy room you are in to keep the heat in. 


  • 11. Watch Movies and Shows to Warm your heart

    Put on a favorite movie or show that you know will lift your spirits. Or check out a new “feel good” selection.


  • 12. Make popcorn or s'mores

    Making popcorn or s’mores gives us all the warm, cozy feels

    Team USA Media Summit Opening Reception

    (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)


  • 13. Hunker down with a good book

    Grab your favorite fuzzy blanket and settle in for some adventure, romance or comedy. Need suggestions for a good book. Right here:

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  • 14. Make vacation plans

    It’s too cold to go outside, but you can go anywhere…when you make vacation plans.

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  • 15. Call your family or a friend

    Honestly, when was the last time you had a good phone conversation? Call your mother. Grab an old friend contact in your phone and push play.

    Bed Phone

    (Photo by Erich Salomon/Getty Images)

  • 16. Play games

    Hide and Seek, Twister, Simon Says…just a few games to generate heat. Keeping entertained inside, when it’s too cold outside, is key. And if you have kids, it’ll keep them engaged with you.

    Hasbro Announces New Monopoly Playing Figure

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  • 17. Humidify

    A humidifier won’t make the temperature higher, but it may make it feel slightly warmer. Water vapor from the humidifier slightly increases the airs ability to hold heat. Some people put large bowls or containers of water near their radiators or heating vents to help humidify the air.

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