Homemade Cold Cut Italian Sub Sandwich with Salami Lettuce and Tomato

We are crazy for Subs!

Massachusetts loves their subs, every town has at least one shop that is considered to be the best. If you’re lucky, your town has more than one great sub shop. Whether your go to sub is an Italian, Meatball or Chicken Parm you can bet that there’s a great place to get one.

Listener Approved!

We asked listeners to nominate their favorite Sub Shops on the North Shore and compiled the list in no ranking, although some got multiple mentions. We decided to let you judge for yourself which of these is your favorite or one you should put on your list of places to get a great sub. This isn’t just a Yelp list, it’s sourced by you!

We hope you find these 15 sub shops worthy of your business and give them a shot, we tried to keep out the chain or franchises and tried to keep it local.

The Fab 15!