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The FRIENDS Experience is returning to Boston and is bigger and better than ever. It would have to be since the show is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The last time The FRIENDS Experience was in Boston was back in 2019 when the show was celebrating its 25th anniversary.

What’s The FRIENDS Experience?

The Friends Experience is a pop-up that has had successful runs in over 15 North American cities, as well as 7 international cities. The experience includes iconic set recreations like the Central Perk coffee shop. This time around, fans will have an enhanced experience that will include additions like: new set recreations, behind-the-scenes content, and photo opportunities.

What’s New?

If you went to the experience last time, it would be worth it to check it out again as they now feature new additions. The experience now includes: Monica’s kitchen, the apartment hallway, and yes the iconic FRIENDS fountain. There’s also an interactive space where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the show’s history. Recreate your favorite moments by posing in front of the fountain, relax in Chandler and Joey’s recliners, and more.

Fans will also get behind-the-scene info about the show’s production, costume design, sets, and more. And if you feel like doing a little shopping to take some memories home, there will be an onsite FRIENDS retail store with exclusive products. You can visit the store whether you have a ticket or not.

Original X Productions

What? Where? When?

“The One in Boston” FRIENDS Experience will be located in Boston’s Back Bay at 343 Newbury St. The opening date is Friday, May 17th and runs through January 19, 2025. All ages are welcome, but kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 18.

Tickets are on sale now and start at $22. They also have premium and flexible ticket options. You’ll get a 30 minute window and have to arrive during that window. Don’t miss The FRIENDS Experience.

Bittersweet 30th Anniversary

As I’m sure you know, the celebration of FRIENDS 30th anniversary will be a bittersweet one, as one of their own is no longer with us. Matthew Perry died last October at the age of 54. The 30th anniversary is in September.

An Us Weekly source said, “The prospect of having a reunion or a formal get-together without Matthew is bittersweet,” they said. “There will be a huge void. [But] they know Matthew would’ve wanted them to carry on and celebrate the show. So that’s very much on their minds as they move forward.”

  • FRIENDS Iconic Couch And Fountain

    Two people on the FRIENDS iconic orange couch in front of the fountain

    Fun fact about the famous fountain in the FRIENDS theme song. The fountain isn’t actually in Manhattan, or in New York at all. It’s actually at the Warner Brothers’ ranch in Burbank, California. If you want to check it out in person, it’s on the main lot between French Street and WB Embassy Court. But why would you need to do that when you can just go to The FRIENDS Experience in Boston. 

  • Foosball With Friends

    Two women playing foosball at the

    The first time we see the foosball table is in The One With the Dozens Lasagnas. Chandler and Joey buy the table after their kitchen table breaks when Joey sits on it. Fun facts about the foosball table: Chandler has first names for all the player figures, and the colors of the figures change from red & blue to black & yellow during the series.

  • The One With The Couch Pivot

    Two men and a couch on the stairs. One sitting on the step and the other trying to move the couch

    The couch scene on the stairs with Ross, Rachel, and Chandler birthed a popular catchphrase with fans. Ross’s “pivot” was a scene that writers weren’t sure would work, but once the three actors tried to carry it up, they knew they struck gold. The story is considered one of the most realistic moments on the show because of the tiny New York apartments and buildings.

  • Monica's Kitchen

    Recreation of Monica's kitchen FRIENDS set

    Lots of memorable events happened in Monica’s kitchen. Like the time Joey ate an entire chicken, or when Rachel served her “trifle mistake.” The reason there was a gold frame on the door was because it was originally a mirror, but it broke so they used it as a frame around the peephole. To describe Monica’s apartment, Set Designer Greg Grande said he wanted to develop, “a whole new kind of eclectic taste with a flea-market, whimsical, and anything-goes style.” (Hooked on Houses)

  • Chandler & Joey's Chairs

    The FRIENDS experience exhibit with the chairs that Joey and Chandler used to sit in.

    We meet the famous recliners in Season 4. It’s the one where Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend. He feels so guilty that he buys them a new set of reclining chairs. Joey names his chair Rosita.


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