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It’s late June, 2023. The Red Sox stink. But you might not know that by the way they look on social media.


I can hear my dad’s voice right now: “The Sox don’t stink! They were on a hot streak earlier this month and they’re a game above .500!” Dad, I love you. But that hot streak is over. And it’s been followed by a decidedly cold streak. And that one game over .500 today? It’s probably going to be .500 tomorrow. Then a game below .500 the next day. That’s your 2023 Red Sox in a nutshell.


Looking at things through a different lens, though, makes the team not so stinky. PinMart recently took to TikTok and put together. The Most Popular Sports Teams & Stadiums on TikTok. The methodology is pretty simple. From the press release, the team “delved into data, analyzing TikTok views on relevant hashtags to determine the most popular MLB teams and their respective stadiums.”


The Red Sox Stink, But They Made This Top 10 List

So how do the Sox stack up on TikTok? Well, for starters, the storied Boston franchies ranks tenth on TikTok for most views, when filtered by the #RedSox hashtag. (Did I need to type “hashtag” there since I put one in front of the term? Keeping it there just incase). And it’s not just the team. Fenway Park is the third most popular MLB park on the app, with more than 189M hashtag views.


You can dig deeper into the data here. You’ll find two interesting things when you do. First, when you look at the most popular stadiums in general, Gillette makes the Top 20, coming it at no. 18. The study also shows the Red Sox home as “Fenway Parks,” which I’m hoping is a typo. There’s only one Fenway, after all, whether the Sox stink or not. Let’s take a scroll through the Top 10.

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