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Big Boi Buys Out Movie Theater for Hospice Patients

Big Boi treated a group of hospice patients and their families to see Black Panther! 

Loving Arms Hospice officials in Atlanta told Fox 5 that Big Boi and his company, Celebrity Trailers, covered all of the expenses including transportation to the screening.

"It touches his heart because his family [is] on hospice," Janice Ahmed, co-owner of Celebrity Trailers said.

"And he wanted to get his family out to go ahead and still enjoy life," she said.


Big Boi on Twitter

Everyone loved the film! #blackPanther thanks to my team for making this happen https://t.co/irB6AOAa40

Rapper Big Boi treats hospice patients to 'Black Panther' screening

A group of hospice patients had a fun day at the movies thanks to a legend in Atlanta hip-hop. Outkast's Big Boi and his company Celebrity Trailers bought out Stonecrest Theaters Friday morning specifically for hospice patients to see the movie "Black Panther."