Former Celtic Ray Allen will be inducted into the 2018 class of the Basketball Hall Of Fame in Springfield!  

Ray Allen is undoubtedly one of the best shooters in NBA history. He holds the record for the most career 3-point field goals made in the regular season and playoffs. His tenacious passion and dedication to the game helped lead the Celtics to their championship in 2008!

“It’s a long journey” Allen told ESPN. “I think about everybody who has had a hand in my growth. Not only as an athlete, but as a person. I think about being a young kid when I first started this game. Not only the people who inspired me to be better, but the people who challenged me by being negative in my direction, also allowed me to be better.

“I think about all the teammates I’ve ever played with. I think about every moment I had to question who I was. In those moments, I didn’t give up on myself. I think about my children, as I go into the Hall, their names will always be in the Hall of Fame. It’s an example for them as they move forward in their lives. To be able to set this example and to be able to go in with this class of individuals, people who I’ve admired and respected, and used their example to grow who I am. The honor is certainly all mine.”

As you might remember, there was some drama towards the end of Ray Allen’s time in Boston, such as issues with his former teammate Rajon Rondo. During a recent trip to ESPN, he discussed the tensions and he talked about his relationships with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.