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Nobody does it like Jay & Bey, lemme tell ya. 

Stuntin’ in museums, surrounded by art and dancers with skin colored nude dance attire (that looks similar to some Yeezy clothing, I might add), Beyonce throws down some rap game for the video Apesh*t,” which sounds like it has some backup hype from one or more of the Migos (not confirmed, just sounds like it by ear to be Quavo) on the Pharrell produced track (Confirmed and Credited). Jay-Z drops a verse and backup adlibs.


As far as the album ‘Everything Is Love,’ XXL the collection has 9 tracks, and is already stirring up questions. The track “Heard About Us” references the rumors that Jay-Z has a hidden love child according to , as he raps  “Billie Jean in his prime/For the thousand time, the kid ain’t mine/Online they call me Dad, kiddingly/You’re not supposed to take this Dad thing literally.”

The court never ordered HOV to take a paternity test, but the rapper, who’s name is Rymir Satterthwaite (real name Shawn Corey Carter), and his mother stand by their “allegations” that he is Jay’s son.


See the full track listing for ‘Everything Is Love’ here: 

1. “Summer” (produced by Cool & Dre, Beyoncé and Jay-Z)
2. “Apeshit” (produced by Pharrell, Beyoncé and Jay-Z)
3. “Boss” (produced by Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II, Derek Dixie, MeLo-X, Mike Dean, Jay-Z and Beyoncé)
4. “Nice” (produced by Pharrell)
5. “713” (produced by Cool & Dre and 808-Ray)
6. “Friends” (produced by Boi-1da, NAV, Jahaan Sweet and Sevn Thomas)
7. “Heard About Us” (produced by Jahaan Sweet, Vinylz, !llmind and Boi-1da)
8. “Black Effect” (produced by Cool & Dre)
9. “LoveHappy” (produced by David Andrew Sitek)