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Singer, songwriter, and reality TV star Tiny Harris was recently asked how she handles criticism from other women about her marriage with rapper T.I. during an interview, and Harris stated that those who criticize her are probably miserable. 

“I don’t really pay [the criticism] no attention, because it’s a lot of… most of those women…they’re still with a man that’s cheating probably every day, they’re living probably the worst life, you know?” Harris said.

Harris explained that she’s content within her marriage.

MIAMI, FL – NOVEMBER 20: (L-R) T.I. and Tameka Tiny Cottle-Harris attend Moet Rose Lounge presents T.I., a celebration for his new album Trouble Man: Heavy is The Head at Baoli on November 20, 2012 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Moet)

“I am okay,” she continued. “It’s not like… ‘I’m okay with you cheating,’ but I know that in this industry, it’s going to be tough to, you know, keep it all the way together. So, you know, if [the relationship issues are] workable. If there’s still some love there, if we still feel like [being together] is what we wanna do, then this is what we should do.”

Harris and T.I. have managed to work through T.I. going to jail, infidelity allegations, living separately, and almost divorcing, yet they’re still together. The pair began dating in 2001 and they tied the knot in 2010.

Throughout the hip-hop couple’s relationship, rumors and allegations have surfaced regarding both parties. In 2016, Harris even filed for divorce, but in 2017 the couple decided to reconcile.



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