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As we previously reported, Dreamville’s Ari Lennox recently took to Twitter to express how disheartened she was after not winning an award during the 2019 Soul Train Awards on Sunday (Nov. 17).

The “Shea Butter Baby” singer continued expressing how hurt she was by her loss via Twitter on Tuesday (Nov. 19) and said “I quit” during her rant that sent her fans into a frenzy.

“My intent is never to annoy people who clearly don’t f— with me, I don’t be asking these shady blogs to post what I write,” Lennox said.

“Me being honest doesn’t make me less gracious or less star worthy.”

“I’m not selling out,” Ari Lennox shockingly said. “So I quit.” “To all those annoyed with me, you got it. I won’t lose my mind over this s—. I will save my sanity first,” Lennox continued.

The singer then tweeted about joining the army and said that it’s clear she’s not “cool enough” and “trendy enough” and she doesn’t care to be. “I’m not going to chase this sh– ever again. No more fake s— on my part,” Lennox said.

“It’s not just the awards. SBB [Shea Butter Baby] was slept on in so many ways. I’m too emotional to pretend like I can play this game,” Lennox tweeted. “There was so much madness leading up to right now.”

Some people on Twitter tweeted at Lennox saying that she was being “entitled” and she responded to one fan stating that “it’s not entitlement.”

Lennox then concluded her rant by saying, “You guys can’t scare me. I told y’all I’m out.” On Wednesday (Nov. 20), Dreamville’s compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III was nominated for a 2020 Grammy award for Best Rap Album. Lennox was included on ROTDIII on “Got Me” and “Self Love.”

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