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Fat Joe is the type of friend you want around.

According to TMZ, the “Lean Back” rapper used to call the late Biz Markie’s wife once a week for a year even before his death on Friday.

Tara Hall, Markie’s wife, told TMZ that, “out of all the scores of people who reached out while Biz was ill … Joe was the one who was always there, from the moment Biz entered the hospital last June due to complications from diabetes.”

Hall told the outlet that when the rapper heard the news of her husband’s passing, Joe immediately called and offered support to her and the rest of her loved ones. She explained that Joe was literally “willing to open his own wallet” to help make the late MC’s hospital stay comfortable. Hall also mentioned how Joe has even offered to pay for funeral costs which she has turned down several times expressing that they don’t need the money but appreciates the kind gesture.

Hall also mentioned that several over hip-hop icons checked in on her husband during his illness like Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane and Treach.

Biz Markie died Friday from complications with diabetes. He was 57.