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Scientists Have Discovered How To Heal A Broken Heart – Literally!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Scientists at the University of Waterloo have developed something that will heal broken hearts. I’m not talking about the heartache you feel from Cindy Beuchamp telling you she doesn’t date guys with big heads. I’m talking about the kind of heartache you get from years of eating fast food to try to drown the pain of Cindy Beuchamp and her anti-big-head-bias.  via GIPHY WHY CINDY?!?! So how do you heal a broken heart?  Meet Hydrogel, a game-changer in healthcare. It's essentially a wood pulp-derived material designed to replicate human tissue's fibrous nanostructures and biomechanical properties. In simpler terms, it's a wood-based goo that acts as a healing agent, sealing the cracks caused by trauma or damage, such as from a heart attack. Fighting Cancer But it doesn’t just do that. Dr. Prince with the research team says that they can use hydrogel to mimic the tumors of cancer patients. Why is this important? Well, then they would be able to develop individualized treatments for each patient since there is no magic bullet for the disease. This would give patients a much better treatment plan and a better chance at survival.  Helping Athletes Say you’re an athlete or anyone with an active lifestyle here's great news. Hydrogel will help you repair soft-tissue injuries a lot quicker as well as cut down on your rehab time. So if you’re Aaron Rodgers you could have saved us all the embarrassment of having to watch Zach Wilson try to play football. Your achilles could have been fixed a lot quicker. Of course even if you aren’t active you could have torn a muscle or ligament and Hydrogel will help your recovery as well.  Hydrogel's potential is immense. From offering how to heal a broken heart, to healing a torn achilles. It offers new life to damaged hearts, brings hope in the cancer fight, and accelerates muscle injury recovery. If you’re a hypochondriac you may rest a little easier thanks to this new break-through, hydrogel. Below are other ways to keep your heart healthy for Valentines Day [select-listicle listicle_id="1074179" syndication_name="12-romantic-things-to-do-in-boston" description="yes"]

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