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The 55th annual Walk for Hunger took place on Sunday, May 7th on Boston Common. It was the first time the walk had taken place in person since before the pandemic. The Walk for Hunger is the flagship fundraising event for Project Bread and its mission is, according to, to “fund state-wide anti-hunger relief initiatives in Massachusetts. And advocate for policies that make food more accessible for everyone.” There was one major change to the Walk for Hunger this year. Normally, the walk is 20 miles and through 20 cities/towns across Massachusetts. This year, the walk was shortened to 3 miles and included 3 loops around Boston Common rather than walking through cities/towns. This allowed for cost cutting seeing as Project Bread has to pay for security, town permits, trash cans etc.

Beasley Media Group is a proud sponsor of the Walk for Hunger each year and as a result, each of its five Boston radio stations had a presence there. As far as Hot 96.9, The Getup Crew, (Ramiro, Pebbles (was away so unable to make it), Melissa and Leroy) were in attendance and greeted each of the walkers as well as broadcasted live from the event. We interviewed many of the walkers, greeted everyone from the stage and even did the walk ourselves when our work was done. Ramiro brought members of his family including his mom and dad, wife Nicole and two youngest kids Lucy and Jax. The following pictures were taken from the event. From our run in with WCVB’s field reporter Brianna Borghi, to our pictures from along the walk itself, we’ve created a photo gallery from the event. All in all, it was an amazing success as the weather was absolutely perfect. 3500 people did the walk and all in all is expected to raise over one million dollars to help get food assistance to children and families across the state.