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The GetUp Crew

One Boston Day is almost here. A day where the city comes together to remember and celebrate the resilience and pride of people after the Boston Marathon Bombing. To pay tribute to those we lost that day, as well as everyone affected in some way, Boston commits to acts of kindness.

What is One Boston Day?

The city of Boston’s website says that, “One Boston Day recognizes the resiliency, generosity, and strength demonstrated by the people of Boston and those around the world in response to the tragedy of April 15, 2013.” In past years, people have used the day to do something for others. Visiting fire and police stations, hospitals, and other first responders to show their appreciation through various donations and acts of kindness.

Other people have organized community cleanups, book and clothing drives, fundraisers, and other activities that benefit community organizations. And some people have done more “quiet” activities like baking cookies for a neighbor, sending a handwritten thank you note, or sharing a feel-good story on your social media. There are many ways that people are celebrating One Boston Day, with the goal of spreading more kindness in the world.

Events You Can Join

The Stepping Strong Center is holding a One Boston Day Blood Drive. It will be held in Kenmore Square on April 15th at the “One mile to the finish line” mark. You can sign up for the drive HERE.

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) is accepting much-needed new socks and new underwear for Saint Francis House. This will be going on for the month of April. You can drop off items at the BPDA Reception area on the 9th floor of Boston City Hall.

If you would rather do something simpler, but still impactful, here are some ideas to get you going. No act is too small.

  • Clean up your neighborhood

    Over the weekend, the city of Boston hosted a cleanup at Franklin Park. You can do the same right in your own neighborhood. Maybe see if there’s a neighbor who could use some help cleaning up their space. Anything you can do to make your neighborhood a little more bright and beautiful is in the spirit of One Boston Day.

  • Support a local artist

    I’m going to use this opportunity to introduce you to my niece Dana. She’s not only an incredible person, she’s a remarkable artist. Check out her work, maybe buy something if you are so inclined. And if you’re looking for something to add to your art collection, and want to brighten your home, find a local artist to support. There are so many of them who deserve to have their work seen and shared.

    Phree is another artist you can check out. They recently had an exhibit on Martha’s Vineyard. Phree is another wonderful person who is sharing their light and love in the world through art.

    If you’re not able to purchase something at this time, maybe you could share an artist’s social media.

  • Give out compliments!

    100+ Positivity-Boosting Compliments

    A compliment can help others feel good and improve your mood as well. Here are more than 100 ready-made compliments to try out to make yourself and others happier.

    We all know how great it feels to get a compliment from someone else. But wait until to see how great it feels to give them. Being able to see someone’s face light up from your kind words will make your day. Compliments are one of the easiest and free ways to spread kindness in the world. Check out this article for some great compliment ideas.

  • Support your local library

    7 Ways To Support Your Local Library - NowWithPurpose

    Libraries are essential to a vibrant community. Sadly, many are closing. Here are some easy, smart ways to support yours.

    I love libraries and I love librarians. It think they are out here doing incredible work. Libraries are not only a place to pick up books and movies, they also have much-needed resources for people. Don’t have a computer at home, visit the library. There are lectures, classes, free passes, and more. There’s something for everyone at the library.

  • Write a positive review online

    5 Tips for Writing Good Customer Reviews (with Examples)

    Help your favorite small businesses get discovered and improve customer experience by applying these 5 simple tips for writing a good customer review.

    We’ve all had positive customer experiences, bought some great products, and had incredible meals. But have we all let those organizations and people know how great we think they are? Probably not. I know I don’t always do it. Today could be a great day to spread some consumer love. There are so many ways to leave comments. On social media, Yelp, Amazon, and more. Authors really appreciate great reviews, word of mouth is great for restaurants, and new/small businesses can always use love.

  • Leave positive Post-it notes

    Positive Post-It Day - Cyberbullying Research Center

    Describes Positive Post-It Day, and how students can make kindness go viral at their school with a small amount of supplies, time, energy, and love.

    I love Post-its! I am forever grateful to Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist, who invented them. They have so many uses, but for One Boston Day, why not use them to sprinkle positivity and kindness everywhere. Take a pad of Post-its, a pen or Sharpie, and leave messages for friends, co-workers, and even strangers to find. 

  • Be kind to yourself

    17 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself -

    Be kind to others, but first, be kind to yourself. Get started being kinder to yourself with the 17 tips and strategies you'll find in this article.

    Sometime the best way to put more kindness into the world is to start with yourself. When you’re kind to yourself, it’s much easier to show up in the world with kindness for others. Plan a special day for yourself, forgive yourself, get a good night sleep, whatever feels kind to your soul. Do that!

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