OREO has a problem. They’ve let the genie out of the bottle and now they can’t shove him back in. They started getting all fancy and a little bizarre and weird, putting out flavor after flavor after flavor. I don’t know who wants Miso Soup inside their OREO but it probably exists somewhere. With all this in mind, here come 8 of OREO’s Worst Flavors to Date.

Why are you an authority to pick OREO’s worst flavors ?

Because I have a mouth and I’ve been an OREO superfan since Day 1. And when they started with the shenanigans I was all in. I loved all the strange flavors that they were experimenting with and pumping out. But you know what? When I try to remember some of the laundry list of flavors I’ve now tried over the years, when I try to remember some of my favorites guess which is the only I can legitimately pull from my noggin right now: ORIGINAL.

If this were a favorite flavor list, original would definitely rank up top at #1. It built the brand, which became successful enough that IT, in turn, launched one of the most successful ice cream flavors! But we keep reinventing the wheel with all these new flavors – and I keep getting excited for them – then my kids and I buy a pack, all eat part of one, then the package sits and gets stale as I race to eat all the cookies as to not waste food and money. It can be torturous… eating OREOs. Which, I’m sorry, should never be considered torture of any kind. lol

How did you determine OREO’s worst flavors?

I basically pulled up a list of all OREO flavors – 85 in total – and picked the flavors that I can remember bringing me the most misery while eating. I also should note that I wrote this article because I saw that they were releasing a Gummy Bear OREO. I love, love, love gummy bears and I love OREOs but together? Hard pass.

So here you go my friends, 8 of OREO’s worst flavors to date. I’d love to hear your picks and retorts. DM me on Instagram HERE. Thanks and happy snacking!

  • Cotton Candy OREOs

    This is one of those cases of two great things not necessarily going great together. Very artificial tasting, very confusing, and (surprise surprise!) very sweet.

  • Cookies & Cream OREOs

    I saw these and was like, “wait whaaaaaaa?” Cookies and Cream is basically OREO ice cream. Now you have an OREO that tastes like OREOs? And the weirdest part? They didn’t really taste like OREOs or Cookies & Cream ice cream. I remember not hating them… but what was the point??

  • Gummy Bear OREOs

    True, I haven’t tasted them as of the writing of this article – but – I’ll bet good money that I won’t like them. Because when I’m in the mood for a gummy I have a gummy… not a chocolate cookie. And vice versa.

  • Watermelon OREOs

    The sweet fruity cream just made this cookie taste like something entirely different than an OREO. If I went in thinking this was a new brand of cookie….. nope, I still wouldn’t have liked it. I like accidentally swallowing a seed while munching watermelon more than I like these.

  • Buttered Popcorn OREOs

    Some people say these were perfect for binging movies on the couch on a Friday night. I’ll take the actual popcorn and the Original OREOs please. Everything I love about movie theater popcorn drenched in fake butter juice…. definitely was somewhere else and not in my cookie.

  • Fruit Punch OREOs

    Even the Hawaiian Punch guy would spit these up. Then he’d be so mad he’d go on a REAL punch fest. Side note: is that why we don’t see the Hawaiian Punch guy so much anymore? I forgot that he was always punching people. What an odd thing for a brand mascot to do. I always loved him anyway.

  • Candy Corn OREOs

    I know candy corn is a Halloween staple but… don’t more than 50% of Americans hate candy corn?! Seems like a tough sales pitch: you know how you hate candy corn?? Well now we’ve put them IN AN OREO!!
    They just tasted weird. If you wore a blindfold while tasting them I think you’d be hard pressed to guess candy corn as the flavor.

  • Hot Chicken Wing OREOs

    These weren’t released in the states and I’ve not tasted these. But case in point – you’ve gone too far OREO. (Also I need to taste these. Old habits die hard and I’m a glutton with FOMO.)

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