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If you haven’t heard the TikTok name @ReesaMTeesa yet, you soon will. Reesa started making headlines when she first began posting TikTok videos describing her story of her ex husband. She titled the series (which has over 50 parts) “Who TF Did I Marry?” In the over 50 parts, Reesa describes a man who she calls “Legion” and his countless acts of betrayal. However, if you don’t have the 6 hours to watch each episode, we got you.

First off, if you are someone who DOES want to watch each part, here’s a tip. When you hold down the right side of the screen, the video speed doubles. So you’ll see the 2X and hear that the video is sped up. You’ll still be able to understand Reesa, but you’ll watch it in half the time. However, if you just want cliff notes of the story, we’re here to help.

Here is a summary of the story if you want to just skip all the videos.

Now if you want to watch each video like the rest of us, here is Reesa’s TikTok account.

Keep scrolling. Because we have put together some rebuttals and hilarious reactions to Reesa’s story. From legion himself, to his ex wife to his step son. Plus we have some of the most hilarious reactions from us, the readers who are along for the ride.

  • Legion responds, alleges Reesa cheated

    So in this video, Legion responds to a live video Reesa did recently. He alleges Reesa cheated and that’s why they broke up. He says they tried marriage counseling and it didn’t work. Hence the breakup.

  • Legion speaks again, this time saying her entire story is a lie

    Talk about 30 seconds of saying absolutely nothing. In this second response, Legion says Reesa is lying. He has no evidence to back this up. He literally just says, she’s lying.

  • Legion's ex wife speaks, backing up the fact that he's a pathological liar

    A woman who goes by @MzNzuri on TikTok says she’s Legion’s ex wife. She also adds the chapter in her life is closed and she just wants to move on. She adds that she fell for Legion’s lies too because she was a broken person.

  • Legion's stepson says Reesa is 100% telling the truth

    In a series of TikTok videos, Tashawn who happens to be Legion’s stepson, says Reesa is telling the truth. He adds that Legion is a horrible person. He also alleges that he hated him and his siblings. He also adds that Legion would keep his mother up all night complaining about anything and everything.

  • Man who has Legion's real name says, he's not the real guy!

    In this video, a man named Jerome McCoy (Legion’s real name) wants to clear up any confusion. He wants everyone to know he is NOT the Legion Reesa is talking about. He doesn’t know Legion. He then says if you have questions just to hit him up.

  • @linasabry is saying what we're all thinking: Netflix needs to turn this into a series

    If Netflix hasn’t called Reesa yet, they will. And we’ll all watch it. Reesa did say in a live last night she plans on writing a book. We’ll see what offers she gets.

  • @john_mgbemena says he's currently living in the house Reesa mentioned in the series

    When you watch the series, you’ll see Reesa mentions house hunting. She mentions how they put offers in on a few houses and got denied. This man claims to live in one of the houses Reesa mentioned.

  • TikTok @jolly_good_ginger holds live fundraiser to help Reesa get her London trip

    If you watched the series, you know Reesa has always wanted to go to London. This TikToker Jolly Good Ginger went live with Reesa last night in an attempt to raise money for her. She held her cashapp and people sent her donations. Hopefully she can get the London trip she was allegedly gifted from Legion.


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