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Kanye West Suspect in Battery Report, Allegedly Punched a Man Who Assaulted Bianca

Kanye West is a suspect in a battery report. Police are currently investigating an incident in LA where an unidentified man allegedly grabbed Kanye's wife Bianca. The initial report was that the man "grabbed" Bianca, however Kanye's rep clarified what happened. According to their statement: "'Grabbed' is grossly inadequate as a description of what happened. Bianca was physically assaulted." Kanye Then Allegedly Assaulted The Suspect What happened next, according to TMZ, was Kanye allegedly punching the assailant in the face. The incident happened late Tuesday night. The exact location of the alleged assault has not been revealed. The man did not require treatment for his injuries. The man filed the battery report shortly after. Kanye and Bianca fled the scene. This is Not Kanye's First Battery Incident Kanye has had numerous instances where he's felt he had to defend himself with fans. You'll remember back in 2023, Kanye was caught on video grabbing a fan's phone after she wouldn't stop recording him. He then threw the phone. He was not charged in that incident. And earlier this year a man sued Kanye claiming Ye had hit him back in 2022.    

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