6 Massachusetts Winners In Last Night’s Powerball – Were You One Of Them?

Good news! There are several Powerball winners in Massachusetts. Although there was no winner of the big $1 billion jackpot, there were several $50,000 winners right here in Massachusetts AND one $100,000 winner! Now, the jackpot will grow to $1.2 billion with an estimated cash payout of $551.7 million. When the jackpots get this high, many people start to think about what they’d do with that much money. Many say they’d go on vacation, quit their job, buy a house and cars. There are also a larger pool of people who buy tickets because many say they don’t buy them until the jackpot gets this high. Regardless, for those of us who live in Massachusetts, there are a certain number of stores that are considered more lucky than others. However, just because you weren’t the BIG winner of the $1 billion dollars, doesn’t mean you are coming up empty handed. There were several $50,000 winning tickets sold right here in Massachusetts. So, instead really thinking about what you’d do with a billion dollars, why not sit back and think about what you’d do with $50,000, $100,000 or $1 million because there were quite a few big money winners right here in Massachusetts. Which family members would you help out first? Would you tell people? Would you move FAR away? Would you quit your job? These are all questions we think about when pondering over gigantic jackpots like last night’s Powerball drawing. Now that you’ve sorted it all out, keep scrolling because these are the towns and stores that sold some BIG WINNING TICKETS in last night’s Powerball drawing. While the BIG winner probably wasn’t you, there are still some potentially life changing jackpots available here in the Bay State. Best of luck to you all and congratulations to the big winners! Oh and just a reminder, the next Powerball drawing is tomorrow night (Wednesday).

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