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Did G-Eazy Get Halsey Tattooed on His Arm?

Fans are freaking out after G-Eazy got, what looks like a picture of Halsey, tattooed on his arm. The two dated for about a year and broke up within the past two months. The pic was posted on G-Eazy's IG and people were quick to point out that the woman is Halsey. You be the…

Kanye West Owes James Corden $45,000

Kris Jenner appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden Tuesday night and asked him why he's never had Kanye on his 'Carpool Karaoke" segment. And James responded...he actually DID ask Kanye to appear, but he backed out! Check out the video below:

R. Kelly Releases 19 Minute Song 'I Admit'

If you happen to see that R. Kelly is trending this morning, here's why. He just released a 19 minute freestyle titled "I Admit." In the song, he addresses all of his accusations including that he's running a sex cult for underage girls. Some of the lines of the song include: “I admit, I admit…

Drake's "In My Feelings Challenge" Takes Over

You probably saw the hashtag #InMyFeelingsChallenge take over the internet this past week...and it's all because of Drake's song "In My Feelings." It's inspired a dance challenge much like the running man challenge.  Check out some celebrities who participated over the weekend:

Tom Brady Likes to do WHAT to Gisele?

Well now we know exactly what Tom Brady's been eating to maintain his excellence at the age of 40.  After Barstool Sports posted a meme of two hippos with one eating the other's butt with the caption "as soon as bae gets out of the shower," Tom commented with 3 laughing crying emojis and the…

What is BDE and Who Has It?

In case you haven't heard yet, the term "BDE" has taken over the internet. BDE stands for "Big D**k Energy" and people are more recently discussing it in regards to Ariana Grande's fiance Pete Davidson. Ariana tweeted and then deleted a tweet saying Pete was 10 inches, which got the internet talking saying that's why…