It was another great night at Fenway Park and another win for the Red Sox!  I’d say that “Air Benny” had the best play of the game but there were other highlights, including some of my favorite 2004 World Series champs throwing out the first pitch!

The Red Sox started the hashtag “Air Benny” after this play!  Andrew Benintendi’s having a great post-season at the plate and in left field.

David Price didn’t let a difficult inning ruin his night…

J.D. Martinez turned the tie game into a 4-2 win!

I watched a ton of games during the Red Sox 2004 World Series season, so to see my favorites Jason Varitek (I have like 5 of his jerseys) and Big Papi joining some of the other 2004 “idiots” for the first pitch was awesome!

Here’s the post-game press conference…

As Mookie says, The Red Sox need “two more” wins to be World Series Champions again!

Game 3 of the World Series is happening tomorrow (Friday) at Dodger Stadium at 8:09pm.  GO SOX! DO DAMAGE!