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Deirdre Dagata

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Isaiah Thomas may have been wearing a Denver Nuggets jersey at the Garden last night, but it was clear that Celtics fans know he still “bleeds green” when they gave him a standing ovation as the Celtics honored him with this tribute video.


IT shared his feelings about the tribute video: “That was good. That was special.  I wish my family was here to see that. I was emotional. I almost cried.  I mean, I got my college jersey retired – that was big. But this is… you can’t even describe that feeling. My (Nuggets) teammates felt that, and they weren’t even a part of that (Celtics experience). It was big-time. I appreciate [the fans and the organization] for doing that, especially for not being able to be in a situation where I’m playing right now. This type of love is something that I wanted, that I needed, and I’m glad I was able to come back.”

A lot of people on Twitter were buzzing about Isaiah’s reply to this fan who told IT that, “the 4th isn’t the same without you”.  He replied, “I’ll be back”.

Isaiah told Adam Himmelsbach from the Boston Globe in a phone interview: “You never know. You can’t predict the future. My options are always open for anybody. I’m a Denver Nugget now, but I’m a free agent at the end of the season, and you never know what can happen. Who knows?”

I hope we see Isaiah back in a Celtics uniform!