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T.I. and Tiny Harris may be one of hip-hop's most talked about couples. The two have been married for almost a decade and have been together for almost two decades. Together they showcase their blended family on VH1'S T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.

Things are getting worse for TI and Tiny who’ve already been accused by up to 30 women of sexual assault among other charges. Now, in a new report from yesterday  six additional women have come forward with allegations that they were sexually assaulted.  One person is a member of the military, another was a 17-year-old high school student who allegedly interned at one of T.I.’s studios, and a stripper. She’s 22-years-old now and claims that she was drugged and raped on a tour bus. The military woman said she met the couple at a club and went back to their hotel where she allegedly took a sip of Tiny’s drink and felt dizzy. She claims they took a shower together and before passing out and waking up sore. The attorney representing all of the accusers continues to point out they are NOT asking for money, only justice and TI and Tiny are still denying the allegations. Tiny seems completely unbothered posting TikTok videos and a recent trip to Universal studios on her IG.  As of this morning no actual charges have been filed yet.