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4 Ways To Make Summer Grilling Healthier For You And Mother Nature

The thrill of the grill! We have found the 4 best ways to make summer grilling healthier for you without harming the environment. It’sthe last month of Summer, yes September is still summer technically, but we all know that Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. Let’s make the most of it. We have found the 4 best ways to make summer grilling A welder for the Weber welding company was frustrated with what was available four grills at the time. With his amazing ingenuity, he cut a buoy in half and made a metal grates to fit over it and produce the first modern barbecue grill. It was definitely trial and error At first he wasn’t able to control the smoke when he put the cover on it. It wasn’t until a neighbor told him to drill holes in the cupboard to allow smoke out of the grill that he perfected it. He then added holes on the bottom and the loud smoke to vent out the top and bottom. That gave a controlled heat in the modern barbecue grill was born. Weber or not This welder loved the idea so much he started manufacturing them for friends families and neighbors. The business took off so much so that he ended up buying the Weber welding company and transformed it into what we know today is the largest grill company in the world. Things have heated up Now there are so many types of barbecue grills it’s hard to keep up with them. There’s everything from the big green egg to smokers, outdoor pizza oven’s and of course trendy outdoor kitchens with permanent grills and refrigerators

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