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Fall is my second favorite season. Spring’s my favorite, but fall is a close second. There’s the chill in the air. Hoodies. The smell of cinnamon and pumpkin, burning wood, and the crunch of a fresh-picked apple. There’s something about fall that makes me want to get out and try new things. It has to be the weather for me. I don’t do well in hot and humid weather, so the relief just feels so good to me.

Experience all the senses during fall

One of the things that I think makes fall so special is that it engages all the senses higher than any other season. The incredible sights of the fall foliage. Check out some great places HERE. Experience the smells of a pumpkin spice latte or hot cider. The tastes are next level with caramel apples, cinnamon, apple cider donuts, or maple anything. Sounds like a crackling bonfire, crunching leaves under your feet, or the cheers of the crowd at a football game. I really love the feel of fall. The touch of a warm fuzzy sweater, the nip in the air. That cozy feeling that has you wanting the season to never end.

Lean into your adventurous side

There are so many adventurous things you can do during the fall. Now adventure doesn’t have to be zip-lining or doing a mud run. Adventure is all about new ideas and experiences. That could mean anything you haven’t done before. Cook something new for Thanksgiving. Carve a pumpkin. Hang out with friends at a bonfire. That may not sound adventurous, but for me it would be. I sat around a campfire before, but never a big huge bonfire. I may have to add that to my fall bucket list.

Your fall bucket list

It’s now officially fall, and I would recommend you make your own fall bucket list. You can also get some ideas  of things to do with kids HERE. Need some inspiration? Here you go.

  • Bake an apple pie

    I love pie. Blueberry is my favorite, but apple is a close second. I always go apple picking and have more than I can eat. This year, I’m going to learn how to bake an apple pie. I’m a pretty good cook, but when it comes to baking? I’m awful! Lol

    Slice of apple pie

  • Do a corn maze with friends

    I’ve done this for the past couple years, and it is SO much fun!

    Picture of Pebbles with three friends, two women and one man under a corn maze entrance

  • Make caramel apples

    Caramel apples are so delicious, and I’m definitely going to make some this year.

    Picture of three caramel apples with nuts and with leaves, berries, and apples in the background

  • Take a long drive to see the foliage

    Haven’t done this in a while, but I’m going to take some of our listeners suggestions and pick one of these 13 Best Places To See Fall Foliage.

    Picture of a road in the middle of a fall foliage scene

  • Make my own fall scented candle

    When I was in the 2nd grade, my teacher Mrs. Hitchcock had us make candles in class and I will always remember that. This fall, I’m going to make my own fall scented candle.

    Picture of candle making supplies, with jars and wicks, and wax being poured

  • Go to a fall festival

    There are so many great festivals that happen during the fall. I can’t wait to get out there for one of the fun fall festivals. Gotta love a beer boot!

    Man Drinking a very large beer out of a glass boot

  • Decorate a pumpkin

    There are so many different ways you can decorate a pumpkin. Carving is just one of them. Can’t wait to get in touch with my crafty side!

    Picture of two decorated pumpkins. Both with funny faces drawn on, one with a fuzzy red "hat" the other with a green one

  • Buy some new fuzzy socks

    New. Fuzzy. Socks. That is all. (Fireplace not included)

    Picture of multicolor pattern fuzzy sock on feet. a red mug and a fireplace in the background

  • Go apple picking. Duh

    An obvious one, but always fun. It’s getting really expensive, but worth putting in the budget.

    Pebbles reaching up to pick apples in an apple orchard, holding a bag

  • Read a book set in the fall

    Any excuse to read a good book! Just googled “fall autumn books,” so I think I’ll go with this.

    Book cover of Autumn a novel by Ali Smith

  • Roast pumpkin seeds

    I used to do this with my mother when I was a kid, and haven’t done it since. They’re so delicious!

    Three pumpkins, smallest to largest with a spilled cut of roasted pumpkin seeds


  • Make a fall wreath

    My door could use a little fall spirit. Looking forward to doing this one.

    A pair of hands with red nail polish making a fall wreath. a larger fall wreath on the right side

  • Vote on November 8th

    There’s a lot going on in the world. Make sure your voice is heard. Join me in voting on November 8th.

    Pebbles holding up a cup that says Votes for Women, and an I Voted sticker on her forehead

  • Write five letters to people I'm grateful for

    Thanksgiving is the time of year when we’re reminded of the things we should be thankful for. It should be every day, but sometime we need a reminder. Sure I could send an email or a text, but there’s something about a handwritten letter that is so special.

    Handwritten letter with a pen. Words are cut off, but what's in the picture is "I want to - I count on your - Never stop being - Thank you for - I hope.

  • Create a new recipe with a can of pumpkin puree

    We’ve all seen those cans of pumpkin in the store. Does anyone make anything besides pumpkin pie with them? I’m going to try.

  • Eat all the cider donuts and drink all the apple cider. All of it!

    Don’t think I need to explain this one.

    Cup of half full apple cider and a half eaten cider donut

  • Go on a fall hike

    Now when I say hike, I’m not talking about a steep limb up a mountain. More like a long path with a little incline. My knees won’t let me be great! Lol

    Picture of a hiking trail with fall foliage

  • Visit a sunflower farm

    I see the pictures on everyone’s socials in the fall, but I’ve never been. This year is the year.

    Picture of sunflowers in a field

  • Make mulled wine

    Wine? Special flavored wine? I’m in.

    Glass mug of mulled wine

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