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Dunkin’ Suing Vape Company Over “Vapin’ Donuts”

Dunkin' is headed to court! The Canton-based chain is suing an e-cigarette maker in New York Federal court. The lawsuit is for trademark infringement for the "Vapin' Donuts" line. The line uses similar coloring and lettering to the Dunkin' logo. Well, Dunkin 'ain't playing and now they're suing Vapin' Donuts. What's the evidence? Here's what the "Vapin' Donuts" logo looks like, and I think we can all agree that the similarity is obvious. The lawsuit reads, "Dunkin’s trademarks “serve to identify to the public certain goods and services that are offered by Dunkin’ alone, and the goods and services offered in connection with the DUNKIN’ Marks are regarded by the public as being [offered or approved by] Dunkin’.” What is Dunkin' suing for? In the lawsuit, Dunkin' is asking for a jury trial. They're also looking for damages from Singh Handicraft Corp and its CEO, Jayneet S. Dua. They're the company that manufactures and sells the products. Dunkin' also wants a judge to ban the marketing sales of Vapin' Donuts products. They also want the judge to go the extra mile, and force the company to also destroy existing marketing and products. Apparently it's not just the logo. The products themselves are a problem. One is shaped like a coffee cup, and another one looks like a glazed donut. They look like Dunkin' products! Singh also sells flavored disposal vapes that are identical to Dunkin's coffee products. Those include white mocha, and iced cappuccino. Dunkin' reportedly reached out to Vapin' Donuts and sent them a cease and desist letter on August 23rd. They also tried to contact them through several means, but got no response. Hence the lawsuit. If Singh Handicraft Corp. is found guilty, in addition to an injunction and damages, they would also have to pay recovery legal fees. Dunkin says that in addition to this being a violation of trademark rights, the association with "Vapin' Donuts" could potentially damage Dunkin's reputation. Here are more "Vapin' Donuts" products...  

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