The GetUp Crew

The GetUp Crew

When you tune in to the GetUp Crew on Hot 96.9, you have most definitely experienced the hottest, no pun intended, feature on the show. It’s the Second Date Update, and besides the tune-in for Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa, and Leroy, it’s the most popular feature on the show. In 2023, there have been so many great Second Date Update scenarios, so we decided to bring out the best and give you The Top 23 Second Date Updates of 2023.

What is the Second Date Update?

For those that don’t know, first of all, where have you been? You can check them out Monday through Friday at 6:10am, 7:10am, 8:10am, and 9:10am on Hot 96.9. So Ramiro, Pebbles, and Melissa try to help out a listener. Someone who has been stood up, rejected, or otherwise ghosted. That’s when we go in and try to get to the bottom of the situation. Person #1 will let us know what the issue is, and they tell us what they think went wrong. We then call Person #2 with Person #1 listening in to get their side of the story. And then inevitably, chaos ensues.

What’s the problem?

It’s always entertaining to find out the reason the second person is not getting back to the original caller. One thing for sure, is that it’s NEVER the reason that the original caller thinks it is. It’s always so far from what they thought it was. For example, the first person might think that the person isn’t calling them back because their friend was rude to them when they ran into them while out on their date. But the real reason is that they accidently took a crap in their planter while they were drunk and couldn’t face them once they remembered.

Sound a little “out there?” You have no idea! Well get ready because it’s about to get wild. Here are the Top 23 Second Date Updates of 2023.

  • #23 - The High Life

    Besides ruining her academic career ACCIDENTALLY, he didn’t do anything wrong.

  • #22 - Baby Hater

    He doesn’t just hate babies, he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as them! Find out why.


  • #21 - Just Ordinary

    She realized that she WASN’T as special as she thought…

  • #20 - Twin Brother

    His GF hates him because of his brother WHO SHE’s NEVER MET.

  • #19 - From the Corner

    He met her HUSBAND during their date, but that’s not the worst part!

  • #18 - Biggie

    Her hands hurt him, emotionally and, even worse, PHYSICALLY!

  • #17 - Sorry Sir

    He saw something at her that made him RUN AWAY!!

  • #16 - Double Up

    She went from feeling special and unique to a BASIC piece of crap in 10 seconds…

  • #15 - Spread Out

    He has RECEIPTS  on how she ruined the relationship…

  • #14 - That's Game

    3 little words from his son made her Hate BOTH of them!

  • #13 - Hide & Creep

    A innocent kid’s game turned into his WORST NIGHTMARE!

  • #12 - TIme to Play

    She has a HORRIFYING way of marking her territory…

  • #11 - Get Low

    He caught her IN THE ACT, and it’s ON VIDEO!

  • #10 - Clam Slam

    She HATES how close he is to his childhood friends…

  • #9 - Organized

    She HATES the fact that he’s a History Buff!

  • #8 - Poop Party

    A simple smoothie turned their date it into a CRAPPY night out!

  • #7 - Fake Facebook

    She busted HERSELF trying to bust him…

  • #6 - Watch Your Back

    Her ex boyfriend ruined their relationship, but definitely NOT in the way you think…

  • #5 - Dude, Fix Your Feet

    It’s one thing to be cheap on a date, but what she does is NEXT LEVEL!

  • #4 - Three's Company

    She met MULTIPLE ex girlfriends SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

  • #3 - Still Married

    He’s ok w her still being married and living with her husband, but he can’t handle this!

  • #2 - Lasagna

    Her cooking gave him explosive diarrhea, but she actually did something WORSE than that to scare him off!!

  • #1 - Warmonger

    And the #1 Second Date Update of 2023…Warmonger! She failed his Video Game test!!

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