386595 01: A Red Line subway car, known as the T in Boston, crosses the Charles River March 12, 2001 in Cambridge, MA. Boston's subway system, the oldest in the nation, has plans to auction off the rights to name four of its busiest stations. Last week's pre-bid meeting brought no potential bidders. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

We Did It! Boston’s Home to One of the Top 10 Ugliest Buildings in the World!

Well, congratulations! You did it, Boston! You have one of the top 10 Ugliest Buildings in all of the WORLD.

That’s quite an accomplishment!

According to Buildworld.com, Boston came in right in the top five. Even better!

“‘What the hell is that?’ These were the first words heard when the design for a new City Hall was revealed to the Mayor’s office in early 1962. A bold, brutalist re-imagining of Le Corbusier’s principles combined with the Renaissance Italian town hall, the building was striking and original — but doomed to date badly, especially as it is as gloomy inside as out,” writes Buildworld.

The good news is there are FAR worse-looking buildings across the world. I’m talking seriously hideous here.

Here’s the list. Listen, at least they’re the top 10 in something!