A Real Estate Deal to Die For: Haunted Massachusetts Funeral Home for Sale!

A Real Estate Deal to Die For: Haunted Massachusetts Funeral Home for Sale! Looking for a ghoulish investment?  Well, look no further! Imagine owning a haunted funeral home in the heart of Massachusetts. Sounds spooktacular, right? Here are some devilishly good reasons why it might be a wickedly fun idea: Ghostly Gatherings at a Haunted Massachusetts Funeral Home: Hosting a Halloween party? You've got a built-in theme! Invite your friends, and let the ghostly guests provide the entertainment. Who needs a costume when you've got actual spirits floating around? Thrill-Seeking Guests Want to turn a profit? Turn your haunted funeral home into a spine-tingling bed-and-breakfast. Paranormal enthusiasts will flock to your door, eager for a chance to catch a glimpse of the dearly departed. Free Interior Decorating Tired of spending big bucks on home decor? Ghosts rearrange furniture for you! Wake up every morning to a surprise layout that only the otherworldly can provide. Storytelling Bragging Rights You'll never run out of eerie tales to tell at parties. Who needs Netflix when you can share your own ghostly experiences? Unique Real Estate Value A haunted funeral home isn't your typical piece of property. It's a conversation starter and a piece of local history rolled into one. So, if you're looking to embrace the supernatural and live on the edge, buying a haunted funeral home in Massachusetts might be the most "spirited" investment you'll ever make. Who knows? You might just make some otherworldly friends along the way! A Massachusetts funeral home is going up for sale, and the historic property is "Probably haunted." Well, that's honest! According to WCVB-TV, "real estate agent Erika Kristal Eucker evoked the paranormal on the sign recently posted at 56 Main St. in Millbury, outside the Turgeon Funeral Home." State records show the Greek Revival structure was built in 1850 or earlier, according to Channel 5. "The property last sold in 2001 for $100, according to state records. The current assessed value is $514,000." They're asking  $769,000. The listing goes live next Tuesday.   https://www.redfin.com/MA/Millbury/56-Main-St-01527/home/16561641    

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