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LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 30: Drake speaks onstage during Drake's Till Death Do Us Part rap battle on October 30, 2021 in Long Beach, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Oh boy! Drake is blowing up the internet as I type, a video has been leaked showing him and his manhood. I woke up this morning and saw that Drake was trending number one on Twitter and was curious as to why. I mean, he is currently on tour. But that is NOT the reason. Let’s get into it. Keep in mind, this is all ALLEGED. In this day and age of AI, who knows if this is real?

If you continue to scroll on Twitter (X) you’ll see there is a video of Drake. No, this is not a normal Drake video. This video shows Drake laying in bed in front of a mirror. He has no pants on and his legs are butterflied open. He’s holding his phone with one hand and his genitals in the other. The leaked video is only 12 seconds long but it’s long enough where you can see everything. Clearly we can’t show you the video here, but you can always do a search on Twitter for “Drake” and find it for yourself.

The question is, did this video get leaked or did Drake post it himself? Then there’s also the question of, is this really Drake or is it a look alike. Regardless, the internet is reacting and it is hilarious. Here are some of our favorite reactions to Drake’s video leak.

So while we can’t post the video or share a link, all you have to do is search for Drake leak on X and you can find it, clear as day.



  • @DGen_george: When Drake sees why he's trending

    Clearly George is as shocked as we all are. His reaction to Drake finding out why he’s trending is probably what all of ours is. He posted this video meme which had us in tears. Good one!

  • @abazwhyllzz doesn't want anyone to see it...for good reason

    This Twitter user can’t compete LOL. Either he thinks he can’t compete or he just doesn’t want anyone to get duped. Maybe he did what many did and thought he was trending for new music. Then he got a nice surprise.

  • @cfcnazicalv2 doesn't want his girl to see it

    This man can’t compete either. He doesn’t want his girl to see the video. This video has been shared a ton along with reactions. Hate to say, it’s unavoidable.

  • @mutuahkiilu jokes about Drake's size

    This person quoted a Lil’ Wayne verse. “Why give a bitch an inch when she’d rather have nine.” Yup, let’s just say Drake is VERY well endowed.Β 

  • @UtdDest this person points out the video has more bookmarks than likes

    So more people are bookmarking the Drake video than liking it. What does this mean? It means people want to be able to easily access it. For very good reason.

  • @Ghetto_kd says Drake is collecting all those bras for a reason

    Drake has been known to collect bras from fans at his shows. This picture shows a collection of them. Drake laying in bed holding his manhood could be a direct reflection of this collection. All in good fun of course.

  • @woldowo Drake should be embarrassed

    Creative sir! He took an old clip of Drake reacting to a card being declined and posted it. Drake’s reaction to seeing his manhood leaked on the internet is “embarrassing!”

  • @kashaquote is upset Drake wasn't trending for new music

    Drake fans want new music. They don’t want his nudes. Well maybe they do LOL. Judging from your reactions, many do. But this tweet is hilarious.

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