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Winning Lottery Ticket with Pile of Money Isolated on White Background.

The lottery has another big jackpot. The Mega Millions is worth $555 million dollars. This would be a great summer gift that would get you through this heat wave. You can buy that dream house with central air condition. The Lottery posted the lump sum cash option is an estimated $316.9 million dollars. Boston spoke with Christian Teja who is the director of communications for the Massachusetts Lottery Commission. Teja stated that “Generally speaking, once a jackpot gets over $500 million, that’s when we really start to see an uptick in sales.” Damn!!! That is a lot of money. The only time I play the lottery is when the jack pot hits an all-time high. In 2018, the jackpot was a record high at $1.537 billion which was won by a South Carolina women.

There is also another jackpot that is for Massachusetts residents only. The jackpot is called Mega Bucks Doubler and its worth 13.7 million dollars. So in theory, you can win both jackpots. The odds of that happening are almost impossible but you should try. This is one of those moments. I suggest you stop by your local convivence store and get a ticket. Mega Million tickets only cost $2 and the drawing will be held tonight at 11pm and the results are posted on Mega Millions site.  My post is a friendly reminder to play tonight and if you hit. You can send a check my way. You can hit me off with a $1.8 million. After taxes, Ill take home a million. Thank you in advance.


Rare $555M national, $13.7M state Lottery jackpots hook Massachusetts players

With the second-highest Megabucks Doubler prize ever and a rare $555 million national Mega Millions jackpot, the Lottery is getting a whole new wave of hopeful players this summer. The Lottery posted the boosted Mega Millions bonanza Tuesday - with the lump-sum cash option now an estimated $316.9 million.