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Another Storm? Boston Area Set to Get Another Storm This Week With Potential for Major Damage

We just wrapped up the first official snow storm of 2024. Depending on where you live, you thought it was a dud or you were burdened with shoveling and school closures and delays. The Boston area got about 3 inches of snow while the Worcester area got up to a foot and a half. The good news is, the snow is done for now. However, there is some bad news. The bad news is there is a storm on the way that has the potential to be even more dangerous than yesterday's. The next storm will arrive tomorrow (Tuesday, January 9). Tomorrow will start just as cold as this morning, in the 20's. However, throughout the day, it'll warm up to the 40s which will play a big part in the type of precipitation we're going to get. It will start to snow/rain around 3-4pm. The temperature will determine if it starts as snow for you but after all is said and done, everyone will see several inches of rain from this storm. The reason this storm however is one to watch, is because of the high wind warnings. There is a potential of wind gusts to get up to 50-70 mph in the Boston area. This means there is also a large potential for power outages. With the temperature getting into the 50's late Tuesday into Wednesday, the storm will turn to all rain and will wind down on Wednesday. Keep an eye on your streets and basement for flooding. This storm is set to bring anywhere from 1-3 inches of rain when all is said and done on Wednesday.

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