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Catfishing has become very popular over the years. The art of “catfishing” is when someone poses as someone else for various reasons. It could be for love, deceit, sex, money and so much more. Regardless, the purpose of “catfishing” is to convince your love interest that you are not what you REALLY are. Us “regular” people are not the only ones who fall for this type of practice. Celebrities are just like us and have also fallen for it. Sometimes, celebrities are involved in catfishing scams and don’t even know it. The most recent story comes from an episode of Dr. Phil where a woman named Simone thinks she’s engaged to Omarion and has sent over over $4500 over the years. According to Simone’s friend Rachel: “He’s not Omarion. I know for a fact because there’s no celebrity that’s going to ask a civilian for money,” Rachel says, adding that Simone told her she has given this person $4,500. “If he’s a superstar, why would he need her money? Only a scammer would do that, not a celebrity.” Unfortunately for the woman, she wasn’t talking to Omarion and he actually appeared on the show himself to break the news to her.

This happens all too often. There have been dozens of celebrities who have either been victims of catfishing themselves OR their fans were catfished into thinking they were involved in some way with that celebrity. Before we run down some of the more popular stories, just remember. If you have never met the person, seen them on video or camera in some way shape or form, if they refuse to meet you in person AND here’s the big one, THEY ASK YOU FOR MONEY…chances are they are NOT who they are portraying themselves to be. So be careful who you’re talking to online.

  • Omarion (fan thinks she's engaged to him)

    Simone thinks she’s been “dating” Omarion for years despite not meeting him in person. She’s even given him $4500.

    Woman Says Friend Claims She Was Proposed To By Superstar Omarion, But She Knows Friend Is Being Catfished

    A woman says that her friend is being catfished by someone claiming to be singer, songwriter, and superstar Omarion - and has given the scammer thousands of dollars. Why does she think her friend is vulnerable to fall for this?

  • Bow Wow (Woman claiming to be Bow Wow catfished fans out of money)

    Bow Wow was unaware of this one.  A woman named Dee Pimping, who happened to be an aspiring rapper, was using Bow Wow’s identity to catfish a young woman named Keyonna, who thought she was in a romantic relationship with him.

    Bow Wow Responds to 'Catfish' Impersonation: 'I Would Like to Meet Them' (Video)

    They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and was certainly flattered by this week's episode of . The Young Money rapper found himself the subject of on online dating scheme featured on the MTV series, in which 19-year-old Keyonnah believed that she was involved in an Internet relationship with him.

  • Kate Gosselin (catfished by woman who said her daughter was was dying of cancer)

    Kate and other celebrities were catfished by a woman claiming her daughter  was dying of cancer.

    Uncovering Dying Daughter Hoax That Lured in Several Celebrities

    Nov. 6, 2013— -- It all started on an autumn evening in 2012 at a charity event on the rooftop of a Los Angeles hotel. I bumped into "Wipeout" host John Henson, and introduced myself as a "Nightline" producer and therefore a distant cousin from the same ABC family.



  • Manti Te'o (was catfished into thinking he had a girlfriend who passed away)

    Manti thought he was dating a woman who passed away. His story has become the subject of a Netflix reality series.

    The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist: the Manti Te'o hoax revisited with sympathy

    wo sporting scandals dominated the American news cycle at the start of 2013: the disgrace of Lance Armstrong and the humiliation of college footballer Manti Te'o.

  • Nev Schulman (creator of the MTV show "Catfish", was catfished himself)

    Nev himself was the victim of a long-term catfishing scheme by a woman who pretended to be in love with him but who was actually an older, married photographer using someone else’s images to trick Nev.

    Nev Schulman still thinks about the woman who catfished him

    Depsite hosting a show about deception, "Catfish" hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford think that the internet is filled with more good than bad. "Getting catfished was sort of the best thing that ever happened to me," Schulman, 35, recently told Page Six.

  • Iggy Azalea (catfished by her own mother)

    “There was this one fan, and I was like ‘Oh, I like this fan. This fan is cool. I’m going to add them.'” She soon learned that the fan account was secretly run by none other than her own mother. 

    Iggy Azalea was 'catfished' by her own mother: Pressparty

    Monday, March 2, 2015 12:40pm ET by Newsdesk Comments (0) Rapper Iggy Azalea has revealed that she was once 'catfished' by her own mother. During an interview with Power 106's The Cruz Show, the 'Fancy' superstar confessed that her mum set up a Twitter page where she posed as a super-fan and was able to easily fool her: "She's been like catfishing, I know that for sure.


  • Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson (catfished for years by fan)

    Thomas was flirting with a fan from Twitter for years, even though he was married.

    'Criminal Minds' Star Thomas Gibson Catfished -- Hey Stranger, Check Out My Sexy Hot Tub Video

    Play video content Brace yourselves, this might be the most hilariously embarrassing video we've ever seen -- sent by " Criminal Minds" star Thomas Gibson to a random stranger on the Internet ... after he got catfished hook, line, and sinker.

  • Rapper R. Prophet (catfished by a woman named Trinity)

    He thought he was in a relationship, then appeared on an episode of Catfish

    Here's How A Grammy-Nominated Artist Became A 'Catfish' Victim

    "You can be anybody on the Internet." That statement was uttered twice during tonight's episode of " Catfish": once by Nev and then by rapper R. Prophet, the man who sought the digital detectives' help, when he came face-to-face with the woman he believed to be his cyber companion named Trinity.

  • Chris "Birdman" Anderson (catfished then sent woman to prison)

    Chris was catfished and thought he was talking to a model named Paris Dunn.

    The Wild Catfish Saga of Chris "Birdman" Andersen

    Former NBA star Chris "Birdman" Andersen earned his nickname through a spiked mohawk, dunks, tattoos, and a lengthy wingspan. In his second stint with the Denver Nuggets, Andersen became known due to his association with another animal. One that lives on the Internet rather than the sky: a catfish.

  • Meri Brown of Sister Wives (catfished by someone posing as business tycoon)

    The person ended up being a woman.

    Celebrities You May Be Surprised To Learn Have Been Catfished

    We've all been caught up in moments on the internet where we have revealed a little too much about ourselves to people we're sure we know better than we actually do. Most of the time, the interaction is harmless, but there are those instances where we find ourselves in harm's way.Even celebrities...

  • Mark Wahlberg (warned fans there was an imposter asking for money)

    “Please do not send money to anyone claiming to be me.”

    Mark Wahlberg Claims A Catfish Swindled His Fan Out Of $85K

    Getty Mark Wahlberg took to his social media pages to warn fans about imposters asking for money. "an imposter sent this poorly photoshopped image to convince a fan she was really talking to me," Wahlberg wrote on Instagram. "Please do not send money to anyone claiming to be me."

  • Katy Perry (man believes he'd been dating Katy for years)

    Katy Perry on 'Catfish' Victim Who Thought They Were Dating: 'My Heart Goes Out to Him'

    It's sad but true. Everyone had a pretty good laugh at Spencer Morrill when he appeared on Catfish: The TV Show believing he had been dating Katy Perry for six years, only to find out it wasn't true. Everyone but Perry herself, that is.

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