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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 20: A pedestrian walks by a sign posted in front of an AT&T store on June 20, 2023 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco's downtown continues to struggle with keeping retail and commercial properties rented following the COVID-19 pandemic, and lags behind all major cities in the U.S. and Canada. AT&T announced that it will shutter its downtown San Francisco weeks after Nordstrom announced plans close two if its San Francisco stores. Downtown San Francisco has an estimated 18.4 million square feet of available real estate. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)(

AT&T customers will be reimbursed after the major outage that affected tens of thousands of customers. The question is, how much? And the question then becomes, is this enough? Let’s take a look at how the company is explaining what happened.

In a statement from AT&T that’s posted to its website, an apology was issued. “To help make it right, we’re reaching out to potentially impacted customers and we’re proactively applying a credit* to their accounts. We want to reassure our customers of our commitment to reliably connect them – anytime and anywhere. We’re crediting them for the average cost of a full day of service.”

This news came out over the weekend and as you expect, customers have had a LOT to say about it. Many feel the $5 credit for the major inconvenience the outage caused is not enough. Some have felt it was a slap in their face. Others, however, feel the credit is fair. They feel it’s fair because technically, that $5 is equal to one day of service.

But how do YOU feel about the $5 credit? You are the customer. You are the real voices. We asked the question on our show Facebook page and it seems most of you are not happy. We took some of the best reactions to the news and can scroll down to see them.

  • Stephanie Cimini "I don’t even have AT&T and I feel insulted"

    Wow! So people who don’t have AT&T feel bad for us. Imagine having so much pity for a group of people for no reason. Yup, there are a good chunk of people who are angry for us.

  • Jay Norman defends AT&T saying "It's not anyone's fault"

    Love this comparison. Jay says “That’s like wanting your money back after eating Taco Bell cause you crapped your pants; which is also unacceptable, but not anyone’s fault.” Ummm yeah but it IS someone’s fault…someone should be taking responsibility for the outage. 

    AT&T to Reimburse Customers Impacted by Hours-Long Outage

    AT&T will reimburse some customers after a major hours-long cell and internet outage. Find out if you qualify.

  • Raven Marie says they didn't have to give anything at all!

    “People are mad at the $5 credit when it was a nation wide outage that at&t had nothing to do with. Yeah I get $5 isn’t much but they’re willing to give you something when in reality, they don’t have to give anything at all. And it wasn’t just at&t. This is bigger than a phone outage and y’all are hung up on $5 😬

  • Amy Ellis thinks the credit should be on a case by case basis

    “I think it should be on a case by case basis. $5 is nice to cover what part of the bill you couldn’t use maybe but what about the people who lost a lot more due to the inability to work? Unable to use GPS to drive or unable to use VPN to log into a computer to work. I understand there can be outages but when has there ever been one this long and how do you compensate the people who’s paychecks and livelihoods were affected that day?” 

    AT&T Offers $5 Credit to Customers Affected by Service Outage

    Thousands of customers lost service on Thursday when the telecommunications company ran into problems while trying to expand its network, the company's chief executive said.

  • Richard Kalule says he lost hundreds of dollars due to the outage so he wants to be compensated more.

    “My business involves driving, I was stuck till 12pm when my network got back, I couldn’t lost bussiness. My driver couldn’t find his way out too. The agency is going to fine me $100 par client I didn’t drive.” 

    Will AT&T customers get a credit for Thursday's network outage? It might be worth a call

    During and after the AT&T outage on Thursday, customers wondered whether the company might credit their accounts for the interruption of service.

  • Lee Vee points out that AT&T charges $10 for late fees

    “AT&T charges $10 for a late fee do you think my lousy Little Bill being late for one or two days affects them? No but yet they only want to give $5 for a full days outage? Something wrong with this picture” Yup, something is wrong all right! 

  • Tiffany Pena says many families were inconvenienced, more needs to be done

    “I think it’s disgusting I leave for work before my son he wasn’t able to call his Uber was late for school it was such a problem. 5 dollars is a slap in the face and they don’t know the inconvenience they caused for many families!! I also have another son away at college in NY and not having the communication was scary.”

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