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When you think of safest towns, what criteria pops into your head? According Property Club, they take into account: population, crime rate, and home pricing. The website describes Massachusetts as the best example of a New England state. They cite “picturesque great cities, small towns and seafood.” They have released its list of the top 10 safest towns in Massachusetts based on the above criteria. Along with using said criteria, they look at how the town fares against the national average.

Before running down Property Club’s top 10, think about what a safe city or town means to you. Are you thinking specifically about crime rates? Do you think about how you feel when walking alone? Do you lock your car doors at night? What about your home door? Do you have peace of mind when you sleep at night in the town you live in? If not, you may want to consider whether or not you’d want to move to one of these towns.

When it comes to the following 10 towns, there are reasons given while looking at the national average. If you live in any of these 10 towns, feel free to message us and let us know how you feel about your town’s placement. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Have you ever considered moving because you felt unsafe? Here are the top 10 safest towns in Massachusetts from #10 to #1.

  • #10 Newton

    Newton is located extremely close to Boston. 7 miles to be exact. According to Property Club: Its population is 88,923 and they have a total crime rate that is 73% lower than the national average. Living in Newton will cost you however.  How about $1.4 million for a median average for a house.

  • #9 Andover

    Andover is 20 miles north of Boston. It is a relatively quiet town with 36,569 residents The crime rate is 73% lower than the US average.  Get this: its murder rate is zero. 

  • #8 Sudbury

    A small suburb of Boston with a population of 18,934.  Sudbury has a total crime rate that is 78% below the national average.  It’ll cost you a pretty penny to live here. Much like Newton the median cost to buy a home is over $1 million. 

  • #7 Arlington

    Arlington’s population is 46,308. Their total crime rate that’s 75% lower than the national average.  Anyone who’s lived in Arlington will tell you how quiet it is. It is approximately 6 miles outside of Boston. 

  • #6 Wayland

    Wayland is another very expensive town to live. The median cost of a house there is a little over $1 million. However crime in Wayland is almost a non factor. It is 81 % below the national average.

  • #5 Lexington

    Lexington is extremely historical. If you’re a history and war buff, you’ll love its landmarks. Population is a little over 34,000 and the median cost of a home is much higher than the national average at 778k.

  • #4 Sharon

    Sharon is a little further away than most towns on the list. 17 miles from Boston, Sharon has under 20,000 population. Its crime rate is 86% below the national average. Public transportation is a plus with the commuter rail running right through.

  • #3 Franklin

    Franklin has a population is 36,745, with a crime rate that is 89% lower than the national average. It is located relatively close to RI which puts the median cost of a home a little lower than if it was close to Boston.

  • #2 Hopkinton

    The official starting line for the Boston marathon, Hopkinton is 36 miles outside of Boston. It has a a population of 18,758 and a crime rate that is 91% below the national average. The media price to own a home is a little over 850k.

  • #1 Clinton

    Clinton’s crime numbers are so low, its staggering. Its crime rate is 97% below the national average. Ironically the cost to buy a home is the lowest of the towns on the list at $400k.

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