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COOPERSTOWN, NEW YORK - JULY 24: Inductee David Ortiz looks on during the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Clark Sports Center on July 24, 2022 in Cooperstown, New York. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Launching cannabis lines is all the rage these days. Hall of Famer David Ortiz is the latest in a string of celebrities who’ve launched their own line of weed. Ortiz’ line is called “Papi Cannabis” and will be launching at several Massachusetts dispensaries in August. According to Ortiz, he started using marijuana as a way to deal with the physical pain of playing baseball and to help balance his schedule. According to his press release: “Once I embraced the flow of the flower everything changed. Cannabis has helped me relax, sleep better, manage stress and heal physically after a lifetime of playing ball, and I look forward to sharing Papi Cannabis and my personal journey to help people understand its benefits.” The first product to be available in the line is called Sweet Sluggers which are pre rolled blunts with Ortiz’ favorite strains. He also revealed he worked with his daughter Alexandra on the artwork for the package. Following the Sweet Sluggers will eventually be vapes and edibles.

For more on Papi Cannabis CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at other celebrities who decided to get in the weed business.

  • House Plant from Seth Rogen

    Seth started House Plant in Canada and it features two Sativa strains called Diablo Wind and Pancake Ice and an Indica strain called Pink Moon

    Smoking Accessories & Home Goods By Seth Rogen | Houseplant

    Houseplant by Seth Rogen offers thoughtfully-designed smoking accessories and home objects for those who like nice things. Shop unique smoking accessories.

  • Leafs by Snoop

    Snoop Dogg unveiled his line Leafs by Snoop in Colorado in 2015. It features Cali Kush, Northern Lights, Blueberry Dream and others — sold as pre-packaged eighths, quarters and ounces.  Snoop has branched out into several other areas of the cannabis biz including a media company.

    Snoop Dogg's new weed line: Leafs By Snoop marijuana

    Rapper Snoop Dogg will start selling his very own line of marijuana flower and cannabis products in Colorado pot shops today - making the multiplatinum MC the first A-list celebrity to the market with a full, self-branded line of commercialized cannabis. Snoop launched his new weed line, Leafs By Snoop, at an extravagant private party on Nov.

  • Trees by Game - The Game

    Trees by Game raked in over $1 million its first year in business over 5 years ago. It features a clothing line, rolling trays, tobacco wraps, cannabis flower, and pre-rolls.

  • Khalifa Kush from Wiz Khalifa

    Khalifa Kush also known as “KK,” “Wiz Khalifa,” and “Wiz Khalifa OG,” is a hybrid marijuana strain that was bred specifically for the rap artist Wiz Khalifa.

  • Monogram from Jay-Z

    This higher end line of cannabis launched in California with a four-strain line of craft, indoor-grown cannabis flower and joints.  Its strains named No. 88, No. 96, No. 70 and No. 01 were developed by veteran grower DeAndre “De” Watson.


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  • Tical from Method Man

    According to its website:  TICAL was coined a cannabis term in 1993 and has since became a part of hip hop’s vernacular. TICAL has not only become tightly woven into the tapestry of both hip hop and cannabis culture alike, it has also reflected an entire movement, lifestyle, and swagger — emblematic of the man who created it.

  • itsPurpl by Jaleel White

    itsPurpl includes live-resin THC vape pods, “Noodle Doinks,” which are pre-rolls with fusilli pasta filters, and eighths of flower — and yes, Purple Urkle is one of the strains.

    Homepage - itsPurpl X 710LABS

    itsPurpl x 710Labs is a collaboration with Jaleel White featuring a collection of Purpl Urkle cannabis pods, hand-rolled joints and flowers.

  • GKUA Ultra Premium - Lil' Wayne

    Produced from the finest cannabis, GKUA Ultra Premium products are Lil Wayne tasted and approved.  GKUA Ultra Premium is quality, purity and potency. GKUA is about being real, being appreciative, and inspiring artists and dreamers.

    About GKUA

    Lil Wayne, artistic giant and connoisseur of cannabis, has created the ultimate cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra Premium. Produced from the finest cannabis, GKUA Ultra Premium products are Lil Wayne tasted and approved.

  • Asterisk* - Juicy J

    “A new strain” called Wildflower #3 is described as “changing the weed game forever.”

    Juicy J and GaryVee Team Up On Asterisk* // ONE37pm

    When the collab between Juicy and GaryVee's Green Street was formally announced through the release of "Gah Damn High" back in August, it was clear something big was on the horizon. This week's drop builds on that hype.

  • Dr. Greenthumb - B-Real

    Started in CA, Dr. Greenthumb is expanding to other markets. It is available in dispensaries and as a delivery service nationwide.

    Dr. Greenthumb's | Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery

    From seriously G parents, to banging in the streets, to getting his homies to support his music career, B has always been one thing for sure....REAL. As lead vocalist of Cypress Hill, B and his group members were one of the first bands to rap almost exclusively about weed, and some of the first to embrace it publicly in a culture where it was still taboo.

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