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CHINO HILLS, CA - JANUARY 14: Balbir Atwal, owner of the California 7-Eleven that sold one of the 3 Powerball winning tickets, holds up a $1 million check after received from the California State Lottery, in front of his store on January 14, 2016 in Chino Hills, California. Winning tickets were also sold in Florida and Tennessee and will share an estimated record-breaking $1.58 billion dollar jackpot. (Photo by Ringo Chiu/Getty Images)

We all do it. We dream about winning the lottery. Then, after we dream about winning, we dream about what we’ll buy when we win. Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is at $1.1 billion and it seems as if EVERYONE is planning on buying a ticket. It made us think about if we’d be responsible when we won and what types of things we’d buy if we won. When talking with The Getup Crew and thinking of ridiculous things we’d buy, Ramiro said he’d buy an animal sanctuary. Pebbles would buy an island and build a library on it. I (Melissa) would buy some shares of the Patriots. I’d love to buy the whole team but $1.1 billion wouldn’t cover it. Leroy said he’d start planning on the creation of his own town. Now, after hearing these ridiculous purchases, let’s try to dive into some of the most ridiculous purchases actual lottery winners have made. These are true stories of people who’ve won big bucks in the lottery then went on to buy things that made their friends and family scratch their heads.

  • Debbie Mather set up her own fireworks factory

    Debbie won $6 million back in 2005 and wanted to relive her childhood by watching the sky fill up with fireworks so she bought her own fireworks factory. She now has her own fireworks business.

    Model lottery millionaire invests in property and fireworks

    Debbie Mather, daughter of a seamstress and a lorry driver, bought three lucky dip lottery tickets in Wigan on Friday May 13 2005. The following day, she was £5.1m richer. Winning the lottery induced a nosebleed and a panic attack.

  • Sarah Cockings bought boob jobs for her and her sisters

    Sarah was 21 when she won $4 million and the first thing she did was pay for plastic surgery for she and her two sisters.

    Lottery winner celebrates £3m jackpot with £10k boob jobs for her and sisters

    A LOTTERY winner celebrated scooping £3million with boob jobs for herself and two sisters. Sarah Cockings, 36, forked out for plastic surgery for Emma, 37, and Alex, 32, following her huge win in 2006. Now the mum-of-three has revealed she has also had a boob op because her were "wrecked by breastfeeding".

  • Keith Gough bought a racehorse

    Keith made his fortune playing the UK lottery and paid $250,000 for a racehorse that ultimately led him to being broke

    Baker who won £9m on lottery dies penniless, five years on

    A former baker who claimed that winning £9m on the lottery ruined his life, leaving him penniless, alone and alcoholic, has died of a suspected heart attack. Keith Gough, 58, won the jackpot with his wife Louise in June 2005, but spent much of his winnings on racehorses, fast cars and an executive box at Aston Villa.

  • Evelyn Adams spent millions on poker

    Evelyn Adams has won the lottery not once, but TWICE and has burned through about $6 million at poker tables!

  • David Copeland bought land on the moon

    David won $1 million and spent money on land on Moon, Mars and Venus. 

    I won £1m lotto - I bought land on MOON but I live cheaply & still go to work

    A LOTTERY winner who bagged a million quid has told how he used his winnings to buy land on the MOON. David Copeland, 41, won the whopping sum in 2000 but still lives a frugal life, eating baked beans for dinner at his home in rural Hertfordshire.

  • Roger Griffiths bought his way to the top of the charts (tried to)

    Roger won $3.2 million in the lottery and spend tons of money trying to get his college band to top the music charts. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and he lost it all, including his partner.

    'My wife blames me for blowing our £1.8m lottery win... but what about her shopping sprees in Louis Vuitton?'

    Roger Griffiths quit his job and lived luxury lifestyle after 2005 jackpot win Spent £25,000 on making a record with the band he played in at university He was left penniless by financial crisis and recession and now has just £7 His wife Lara blames him for ruining their lives Until recently, Roger Griffiths lived happily with his wife Lara and their two daughters in a luxurious £800,000 barn conversion in the genteel village of Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

  • Michael Carroll built his own race track in his back yard

    Michael Carroll won $18 million when he was 19 and built his own race track in his back yard to show off his luxury cars. He ended up broke too. 

    Michael Carroll - How to Ruin Your Life After Winning the Lottery

    Michael Carroll is now 37 years old, which implies he was born in 1983. He is a Swaffham native, which is a small market town in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Michael's father worked as an engineer in the Royal Air Force, which was a decent job.

  • Greta and Tony Dodd bought brand new knees

    Greta and Tony Dodd won  $3.4 million and decided to buy brand new knees.  The two loved to dance but were suffering from joint problems. 

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Merseyside | Joint knee ops for Lotto winners

    The winning couple said they would like to stay in Wallasey A couple in their 60s are celebrating their £2.4m lottery win by having joint knee replacement operations. Retired taxi driver Tony Dodd, 67, and his wife, Greta, 69, of Wallasey, Merseyside, are planning to pay privately for the surgery.

  • Peter Lavery bought a whiskey business

    Peter bought his own whiskey business which has actually still brought him a profit to this day.

    Inspired Peter set to launch new whiskey

    Peter Lavery of Titanic Distillers is part of the plan to build a distillery in Titanic Quarter While the Lottery millionaire has never tasted the spirit, he is inspired by the history of Irish whiskey in Belfast, his home city, and has invested in one distillery and now has a major role in a second.

  • Colin Weir bought a soccer team

    Colin won $161 million and spent $2.5 million on the Partick Thistle Football Club.  

    £161m lottery winner buys club he supports

    EuroMillions lottery winner Colin Weir has completed his takeover of Scottish Championship side Partick Thistle and said he intends to hand over ownership to supporters in 2020. Weir -- a lifelong Thistle fan -- has bought a majority shareholding and a holding in land at Firhill Stadium, where his team play, but will give the land back to the club.

  • John and Linda Kutey bought a waterpark

    Back in 2011, John and Linda won a $319 million jackpot and received $28.7 million to share.  They used it to launch a waterpark that was created in honor of their parents.

    New Water Park Opened after Donation by Mega Millions Lottery winners

    It was back in 2011 that John and Linda Kutey became lottery millionaires. This week has been an emotional one for them as a spray pool at a water park in Green Island built in honour of their parents has been opened.

  • Jonathan Vargas bought an all female wrestling production called "Wrestlicious"

    Jonathan spent his lottery earnings on an all female wrestling company that failed after one season of production.

    Wrestlicious - Wikipedia

    Wrestlicious was an American women's professional wrestling promotion based in Tampa, Florida. The company was founded by Jonathan Vargas, who won a Powerball jackpot of $35.3 million in 2008. It was known for its sketch comedy and has been often compared to Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. In 2011, Bleacher Report ranked Wrestlicious No.

  • Ronnie Music Jr. trafficked meth

    Ronnie spent part of his $3 million in lottery winnings on trafficking meth which led to a 21 year prison sentence. 

    $3M Lottery Winner Invests Money in Crystal Meth Ring

    A Georgia man who won $3 million in lottery winnings has pleaded guilty to using his dough to invest in a crystal meth ring, federal prosecutors said Tuesday. Ronnie Music Jr., 45, used his 2015 windfall to buy the drugs, then supply it to others who would resell it at a profit, according to the U.S.