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The 13 Most Bizarre And Outrageous Purchases Made By Lottery Winners

We all do it. We dream about winning the lottery. Then, after we dream about winning, we dream about what we'll buy when we win. The Powerball has recently had some billion dollar winners and it's been pretty fun to imagine winning that much. With a 1 in 292.2 million chance of winning a big jackpot, lottery winners are a lucky bunch. The lottery is a massive business According to Search Logistics, Americans spent an incredible $105.26 billion dollars on lottery tickets last year. That makes it the most popular form of gambling in the United States. And it's not slowing down. That number is expected to increase to $194.14 billion by 2025. The highest jackpot every won in lottery history is $2.04 billion dollars. It was won by ONE person from California on November 8, 2022. The highest online jackpot winner ever, won $30 million dollars. She was playing Florida Lotto online. Fun facts about lottery winners Although most of us couldn't imagine this happening, an unbelievable 70% of lottery winners end up entirely broke after they win! While that's unbelievable, even more so is that over $2 billion dollars in lottery winnings goes unclaimed every year in the United States. How do people pick their numbers? I personally thought most used "quick picks" which generate the numbers for you. Well, turns out, almost 70% of people choose completely random numbers with no specific "strategy. People who do pick "special" numbers will most commonly use: their lucky number, their birthday, family member's birthdays, or other important anniversaries. Almost 70% of people choose completely random numbers when playing with no specific “strategy” of number choosing. Now, let's try to dive into some of the most ridiculous purchases actual lottery winners have made. These are true stories of people who've won big bucks in the lottery then went on to buy things that made their friends and family scratch their heads.

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