A Look Back at 20 Years On-Air with Ramiro, Pebbles, and Melissa

Everyone has a work nightmare where something goes wrong.  Maybe you sent an email to the wrong client or you forgot to brush your hair.  Or, one of the worst, you forgot to change out of your pajamas.  For Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa, that nightmare came true – pajamas at work!  And, to make it worse, this was their first show together… ever!

Already co-workers at the same station, Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa started together on October 29, 2001.  Their first show had instant chemistry, the building blocks to becoming life-long friends.  That friendship has carried them through a lot in the last 20 years: dating, marriages, birthdays, babies, break-ups, health scares, graduations, concerts, and many, many books for Pebbles. Their friendship even lasted through a brief time where they competed against each other at rival stations.

The hairstyles have changed, and they now wear regular clothes to work everyday. But that bond will be forever.

Congratulations on 20 years together – we can’t wait to see what you will do with the next 20!

Scroll below to see some of our favorite memories over the past 20 years: