(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Imagine having a mobile wine bar pull up to your home for a gathering?  Check out “Winona!”

How beautiful is this mobile wine bar?!  According to the Decanted Wine Truck website, two local moms, Julia and Melissa, created this business after both of their personal businesses were affected by the pandemic.

“Julia, who could not sit still and loved anything and everything wine, knew that there was something good to come out of this whole mess.  One night, over wine, Julia told Melissa about this idea, and a week later, Melissa bought Winona (although she was not nearly as pretty as she is now)!”

Decanted’s philosophy is that wine can be delicious and amazing, but doesn’t have to be pretentious or break the bank. With these unpredictable times, who wouldn’t want a beautiful wine bar to pull up to your house or event and serve you delicious wines, beers, snacks, and play your favorite music?”

What a great idea!  Congratulations to Julia and Melissa on their new venture.  You can check out the different types of packages they have to offer here.