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BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 31: Fans with Yankees Suck sign during the Boston Red Sox World Series Victory Parade on October 31, 2018, through the streets of Boston, MA. (Photo by Richard Cashin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The New York and Boston rivalry has always been strong. A new ad being displayed in New York City is revving that rivalry up once again. The ad is a promotional campaign for “We Love NYC” and it’s being displayed all over the city. The design is a play on the classic “I ❤ NY” logo from the 1970s, and is an attempt to bring New Yorkers together at the expense of our great city. The slogan reads “We get more done by 8am than Boston does in a day.” As you can expect, the campaign is not making Bostonians happy and as soon as it started circulating on social media, they started to sound off.


Twitter user Deb tweeted: “aside from the abominable design, this we love nyc publicity campaign is also very rude.” 

Although it seems as if the campaign may have irritated some New Yorkers rather than brought them together. One Twitter user tweeted: “listen i know boston shuts down at 8pm while nyc never sleeps, but at least boston has a competent mayor who actually cares about her constituents 😬 nyc cant say the same”

Another Twitter user tweeted: “If they want to do something, they should have gone in a completely different direction versus trying to update a classic.”

Now as you can expect, Bostonians were very vocal after seeing this campaign as previously mentioned.  Bostonians are very protective over their city especially when it comes to defending it against New Yorkers. Some of the best responses to the campaign will be mentioned below. We’d also love to know what you think about the campaign. Does this bother you? Do you agree? Either way, only time will tell if the campaign actually does do any good for the city of New York. Although we already know, they’ll never be Boston.

  • @bizzyschwartz compares it to an ad in Ohio

  • @yandelny says Mayor Wu does more for Boston than Adams

  • @lasagnadeathray says Boston has trash cans

  • @handmaid says NY is just being a bully

  • @robinsoninsure of course had to bring up Boston sports

  • @aaronmarx says bad idea, Boston is never on his mind

  • @maximusPersius says Boston is living rent free in NY's head

  • @cjbarr48 had to bring up the MBTA

  • @nickgianetti loves the rivalry

    “Zing us more.  Bring back the rivalry. Lets get 🌶️🔥”

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