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Hannah Rountree is 15 years old and last month started volunteering a pet shelter. On her second day on the job, she noticed a cat that looked really familiar. Turns out, it was Spunky, her cat who disappeared from her home in Oregon three years ago. Spunky ended up in the shelter after he was found on the side of a highway back in September. He was adopted by a couple who ended up bringing him back a few weeks later because he didn’t want to catch mice. Well Spunky is back with Hannah and this time made sure to get him microchipped.

Roseburg teen reunites with long lost cat while volunteering at shelter

ROSEBURG, Ore. (KMTR) - It’s a holiday miracle for a Roseburg teen who hadn't seen her childhood cat for three years. So, she was shocked when last week when she went to volunteer at a local animal shelter and saw a familiar face.