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Boston, MA - May 7: Traffic is back in Boston. Traffic had been light during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, but traffic on Storrow Drive in Boston, heading downtown was heavy on May 7, 2021. (Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Want to avoid an accident? A new report is out telling us not to drive on Massachusetts roads at this time.  It is the most dangerous time to drive in Massachusetts.

First, we all know we have a reputation here in Massachusetts for being awful drivers. They don’t call us “Massholes” for nothing. We don’t follow the rules of the road, we drive too fast, we drive too aggressively.  There have been several studies done that show we have some of the worst drivers here in the Bay State.  But we’re here to help us all be a little more safe on the roads and if that means avoiding certain times of day that seem to be the most dangerous, then so be it.

According to a new report from Forbes Advisor, the most dangerous time to drive in Massachusetts is between 5pm and 6pm. Through studies, it was determined that there were more fatal accidents during those hours than any other hours of the day. The same hours are true if you live in Maine or New Hampshire. This is according to statistics from 2016-2020. This is an hour earlier than the national average which for most states is between 6pm and 7pm daily.

Now what about the most dangerous day of the week to drive? When talking about fatalities, it seems the most dangerous day to drive is Saturday followed by Friday. Typically weekend days are found to be more dangerous than any other day.

How can you avoid accidents? Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. However, you can do your part by getting enough sleep, not texting and driving, not drinking or doing drugs that could impair your senses, wearing a seatbelt, not speeding and always letting aggressive drivers pass you. These seem like very easy and basic steps to follow. And if you have to be out on the road during any of the previous mentioned days/times, be extra cautious.

If you want to know more about Boston traffic, keep scrolling.

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