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I have always loved mini versions of things. Cars, houses, food, books, animals, whatever. That’s why I got so excited when I saw that mini mouse-inspired storefronts and buildings were installed around “Moussachusetts.”

The buildings are the creations of Anonymouse. They’re a group of anonymous Swedish artists who build mini mouse-inspired buildings. They then display them in public. They after teamed up with a Massachusetts developer at five of their properties.

Why has the group decided to remain anonymous? In a article, Anonymouse says, “We like the idea that the installations speak for themselves, and also we’re quite fond of that children actually could believe that it was made by mice rather than humans,” the collective wrote. “Also, we kinda like the name, and if we went public we’d have to change it.”

I don’t want to give out the specific locations, because surprise is part of the fun. But I’ll just to steer you in the right direction. Check out Boston Seaport, Legacy Place, MarketStreet Lynnfield, Derby Street Shops, and The Street Chestnut Hill.

Here was the announcement from Anonymouse about heading to Massachusetts.

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