You shouldn’t have to choose between going somewhere where you can have a great meal and a place where you can party all night long. This is where the name clubstaurant enters the conversation. In fact, Open Table recently highlighted 12 restaraunts across the country where you can also party the night away, and a Boston restaurant made the list.

“Dinner and clubbing don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” Open Table states. Their list of these mash-up places includes spots in many in major cities across the country. In Boston however, you get mix of culture, great food, and dancing.


Located in the heart of Post Office Square, Mariel is the fourth place mentioned on Open Table’s list of 12. While it won’t stay open all night for you, it does stay open until 2 am. Mariel will provide guests with the combination of unique cuisine and great music. It’s a Cuban establishment that has a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu. Mariel is operated by COJE Management which is a well-established entity in the region for both restaurants and nightclubs.

Open Table describes the atmosphere by stating, “Begin your evening upstairs with Cuban tapas including pork empanadas, crab arepitas, and sticky ribs glazed in guava. Then drop down to the basement club for a round of mojitos and dance the night away.”


A typical dinner at Mariel includes guests sharing small plates like Avocado Con Mojo or Blackened Shrimp. Another fan-favorite at Mariel is their Pizza Cubano (otherwise known as Street Pizza). Cooked in a pan with queso Havana, this pizza style can come loaded with roast pork, sweet ham, pickles, gruyere, scallion, and cilantro.

For drinks, a full menu of mojitos and 13 pages worth of wine options has you covered.

What About The Dancing?

Mariel in Boston wouldn’t have made Open Table’s select group without it being a restaurant where you can also party the night away. The high ceilings contain walls that are decorated to showcase Cuban culture. The artwork is engaging and gives a nightclub feel where you easily forget you are actually in Boston. The venue often has live music or a DJ to keep the party going.

Mariel encourages you to make a reservation online. Furthermore, they can accommodate groups of up to 12 guests.

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